Culture Days

Leah Ching

The Argus

Culture Day. Photo supplied by Farhan Yousaf

In another spectacular yearly event put on by Lakehead’s Multicultural Centre, Culture Days this Wednesday at the Agora was nothing short of wonderful. The area was filled with booths representing different countries and cultures from all around the globe.

From Saudi Arabia and Nepal to Portugal and India, each booth featured not only delicious varieties of local food, but information and displays that demonstrated the uniqueness of each culture represented.

There was a wide variety of complimentary food and drink available to students. Many meals prepared were customary of the culture represented and students attending enjoyed trying the extremely diverse tastes they hadn’t previously been exposed to.

Photo by Emma Smith

Nepal’s booth featured booklets, displays, local currency, and delicious ethnic dishes. Everyone was decked out in beautiful traditional wear while local music played in the background.  Second year student Mariah Maunula said she had been planning to travel, and after picking up a booklet and seeing a bit about Nepal’s culture, she believed she’d found a great potential destination for her voyage.

With some food homemade, and some food catered, the local Thunder Bay business community got involved as well. Matt Quick at Portugal’s country booth said the Portuguese food was provided from Local restaurant Churrasqueira Galo.’

There were beautifully done displays, decorations and lots to see and eat. There was also a booth set up by the university providing information about international exchanges in case any students were inspired by the multitude of cultures represented.

Culture days are an important tradition at Lakehead, as it celebrates the cultural diversity amongst the students attending the university. This is only one event put on by the Multicultural Centre; and as one of their biggest for the year, culture days was a success. Other than fun events like this, the Multicultural Centre is an integral part of the university as it also tackles issues of cultural identity, racism and international development.

Photo by Emma Smith

Many students attending said they wished they knew about Culture Days beforehand instead of just stumbling upon it in the Agora. A fourth year Jamaican student Alyssa commented that she wishes she knew about the event and the Multicultural center so she could have gotten involved. She commented,  “I think it’s great for the student community to celebrate diversity, it’s great to see a small Northern Ontario University student body take on an initiative like this.” I hope to see the diversity of cultures represented continue to grow. Maybe next year we can see some West Indian country booths, or South American ones.”

The Culture Days event was a great success with lots of free food, great displays, costumes and music for students to enjoy. Hopefully next year, Lakehead can see the countries and cultures represented continue to grow in number in response to continued student enjoyment of the event.


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