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Family of Alan Kurdi coming to Canada

Alan Kurdi is the young boy whose death and subsequent photograph of his body washed up on a beach sparked international outrage surrounding the intensity of the Syrian refugee crisis. CBC reports that some of Alan Kurdi’s surviving family members are being fast-tracked to Canada as part of Ottawa’s refugee resettlement plan. Alan’s uncle, aunt, and their five children are soon to call Vancouver their home.


Bombing kills over a dozen at Shiite procession in Nigeria

At least fifteen people were killed Friday in Nigeria after a suicide bombing in the midst of a holiday procession. Hundreds of Shiite Muslims were celebrating when the explosion took place. A second suspected suicide bomber was detained, and the death toll stands around 21, including men, women, and children.


Russia and France agree to coordinate airstrikes against ISIS

France and Russia, with the help of the U.S. will coordinate airstrikes against ISIS according to French President François Hollande and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was announced after their meeting Thursday in Moscow. These remarks mark a newfound unity between world military powers against the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria. The French president additionally announced that France and Russia would share more intelligence.


One officer, two civilians dead in Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting

Three people were killed and nine others injured after gunfire ripped through a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs during an hours-long standoff that unfolded late Friday afternoon. Officials announced the casualties — one police officer and two civilians. The standoff involved at least two exchanges of gunfire and lasted about five hours, before the gunman was taken into police custody.


Canada says carbon-reduction targets shouldn’t be legally binding

On Friday, Canada backed the U.S. approach to major climate change talks in Paris, saying any carbon reduction targets agreed to at the negotiations should not be legally binding. The Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna said, “Carbon reduction targets should not be legally binding.” This statement comes about in the interests of keeping the U.S. as part of the treaty and serves to irritate France, who has stated their goals of making any deal regarding climate change enforceable.


Turkish jets shoot down Russian warplane near Syria border

Turkish military officials said the jet was shot down by its warplanes after it violated the country’s airspace. The two Russian pilots ejected themselves after the SU-24 plane was hit. One of the pilots died in the air from ground fire and another Russian was killed when Syrian rebels shot at a rescue helicopter. The fate of the second pilot is not yet known. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the incident “a stab in the back by the accomplices of terrorists” and vowed it would have “serious consequences” for Russian-Turkish relations.

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