Banff Mountain Film Festival rocks Thunder Bay

Packed house turns out for the show’s 26th annual stop at the Auditorium.
By Leah Ching, Staff Writer

The auditorium was packed to bursting last weekend when The Banff Mountain Film Festival made its annual stop in Thunder Bay for a sold out show. The house was filled with athletes, outdoors enthusiasts, and moviegoers of all ages in anticipation of a truly spectacular show.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is truly a celebration of science, adventure, and storytelling,  and it did not disappoint. Bringing together enthusiasts from around the globe, incredible stories were told through the lens of world renowned photographers, authors, filmmakers, and storytellers alike.

The night was filled with adventure. Featured films touched on many themes including family, nature, grand voyages, life, love, and death. The activities featured were highly diverse, including one film touching on a man’s voyage to complete a 100 mile run across four European countries. Another looked at four university graduates from Texas completing a journey riding wild mustangs from Mexico to Canada.

The subjects portrayed were equally diverse, featuring both men and women from throughout the globe who accomplished incredible tasks and pushed the boundaries of mundane everyday life. Wildlife and animals were also the subject of some of the films, with one ten-minute clip about the struggle to protect the endangered ‘hellbenders’ of Appalachia and another touching movie that ended the night by telling the story of life and death from a dog’s point of view.

Some films itched at moviegoers’ sense of adventure, featuring beautifully shot montages of exploration of some of the most incredible landscapes on earth, while others tugged at the audience’s heartstrings by telling personal stories of the struggle through aging and sickness.

Apart from excellent and incredibly diverse storytelling, the films were all visually breathtaking and enough to make an outdoors enthusiast out of anyone and have you immediately eager to get outside.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival celebrated their 26th visit to Thunder Bay with an array of great prizes from festival sponsors, as well local sponsors like Gear Up for the Outdoors and Fresh Air Experience. A spectacular celebration of mountain culture and powerful storytelling, the show is an absolute must-see.

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