25 Things to do in Thunder Bay

Compiled by: Leah Ching, News Editor

For students that are new to the “Bay of Thunder”, to the “True North Strong and Free,” the staff at The Argus has put together a list of local favorites for you to enjoy. There’s a lot going on in this awesome city that we call home, and we hope you enjoy checking out these activities and places as much as we do!

☐ Grab coffee at Calico Coffee house (perfect place for a study session)
☐ Visit the Scandinavian House and the Hoito for breakfast, pick which one is your favorite

☐ Hike to the top of the Sleeping Giant and enjoy the view
☐ Make a trip to Kakabeka Falls (then check it out over the winter for a new perspective)
☐ Buy a Persian from The Persian Man

☐ Hike to the top of Mount McKay for a panoramic view of the city

☐ Take a walk around Prince Arthur’s Landing and dip your feet in the Splash-Pad (or go skating there over the winter)

☐ Visit the Bay-Algoma historical district, check out all the local artisanal shops

☐ Visit the Thunder Bay Museum, and the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame

☐ Go to a Definitely Superior Art Gallery opening

☐ Try out rock climbing at Boulder Bear Climbing Center, then take your new skills to the outdoors

☐ Go down Loch Lomond via tube, skis, or snowboard

☐ Visit the International Friendship Gardens and check out all the local art

☐ Go to a performance at the Community Auditorium

☐ See a Thunderwolves game at Fort William Gardens Arena

☐ Visit the Cascades and go for a dip

☐ Walk/run the 5 kilometer loop around Boulevard Lake, find a swimming spot that’s off the trail

☐ Go see a drag show at BPP

☐ Feed the deer at Mission Island Marsh

☐ Check out Movie nights on the Waterfront in summer, then go skating on the rink during winter

☐ Visit the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market at the CLE Dove Building

☐ Visit the Thunder Bay Art Gallery

☐ Take a guided tour through Fort William Historical Park

☐ Sweat it out at Kanga’s Sauna (then indulge in some pancakes)

☐ Do a pub-crawl around downtown Port Arthur, make it home alive.

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