The Craft Revival V

Thunder Bay’s Best Craft Show expands to encompass all of downtown PA, showcasing pure talent and community love.

By, Olivia Levesque, Arts and Culture Editor

With the holiday season approaching fast, craft shows, bazaars, and artisan markets are ever so abundant. The Craft Revival, taking place on November 27th, is one of the best shows in town, capturing the modern essence of the evolving artisanal scene and the diversity that our community secretes. This is the fifth seasonal Craft Revival to take place, and it has grown to a impressive size. Encompassing four locations in the Downtown Port Arthur Waterfront District, with over eighty crafters, artisans, live music, and tons of local admiration, the Craft Revival has turned into one of Thunder Bay’s best offerings that you certainly will not want to miss.



Art by Victoria Wilen



Art by Victoria Wilen

Rooted in friendship and the love of creating, the Craft Revival started out as just a small group of friends gathering in a living room around Christmas time, crafting, trading and enjoying each other’s company. Maelyn Hurley is the organizer and creator of the Craft Revival and met with The Argus to recount memories of the first of what is now the Craft Revival tradition. After a successful craft gathering with some friends, Hurley and her circle of friends decided to expand their get together to their stomping grounds, The Foundry, eventually making their event open to the public.



Art by Victoria Wilen



Art by Victoria Wilen

The name of the event comes from the idea of collecting door donations to help revive devastated communities globally, but also comes from the idea of reviving the craft scene locally. By showcasing some Thunder Bay’s absolute best artists, the show embodies only the best handmade creations. “Thunder Bay is full of so many creative individuals, and supporting local artists is very important to me and our community,” Hurley shared while explaining her intentions of creating the event in effort to provide the city with the opportunity to get a chunk of their Christmas shopping done locally.

The idea of the Craft Revival is to allow artists to network, showcase, and to make themselves known in the city. The event itself is not for profit, but ensures to provide an opportunity for artists and musicians to profit completely. With a passion for developing the downtown PA scene into something that puts the city on the map, Hurley also strives to promote community and to create family friendly spaces that spark interest and creativity in attendees.



Tina Flank Vintage



Tina Flank Vintage





The Foundry, The Sovereign Room, Red Lion Smokehouse, and Madhouse are the four venues hosting artists and musicians throughout the day on November 27th. Each venue will have a variety of different crafts, food items, and artisanal treasures on display and for purchase. One of the main goals of the event this year is to have a diverse array of vendors, ranging from quality jewelry pieces, prints, knitwear, preserves, pottery, ornamentals, and so much more. It’s a great way to find something unique and made with love, as each product must be handmade in order to participate.



Samantha Jolene






Eric Escott live painting


The event is sure to wake up the downtown core this Sunday, as there are so many enticing aspects of the show to look forward to, aside from the array of vendors. Not many crafts shows allow you to peruse with a pint and some finger food, not to mention the great performances taking place all throughout the afternoon. Sachiko Brayshaw is one of the highly anticipated performers scheduled to take part in the festivities at The Foundry this year. She will be showcasing Aerial Silk Routines at three different times throughout the day. All other venues will have live music as well.



Sara Meikle Creations



Lucy Nova by Hillary McDowell



Mandy Made


The Craft Revival is taking place on Sunday, November 27th from 10am to 5pm at The Foundry, The Sovereign Room, Red Lion Smokehouse, and Madhouse. Be sure to visit each venue as tickets at each location will be given out upon admission and can win you a two night stay at the Beyond the Giant Nature Retreat.




Folks enjoying their outing

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