Argus Review – Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet

A performance that would have even Shakespeare in Stitches 

By Olivia Leveque, Arts and Culture Editor

Credits: Image obtained from an article Goodnight Desdemona on

Credits: Image obtained from an article Goodnight Desdemona on

The Finlandia stage held Cambrian Players’ latest production, that ran from November 16th to the 23rd. The Argus attended the hilarious and exuberant Cambrian performance of Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet at the Finlandia. In true Cambrian fashion, the show emulated confidence on stage throughout the entirety of the seamless opening night show. Each member of the small cast played big roles, from Othello, Iago, Romeo and Casio, to of course Juliet and Desdemona. One persona that stood out the most was main character  Constance Ledbelly, played by one of Thunder Bay’s best, Janis Swanson . The character of leadbelly can be held close to the heart of english majors and literature geeks alike. A quiet and quirky teacher’s assistant at queen’s university, with an intelligent, imaginative, and far from ordinary world of her own.

What is supposed to be tragedy turned comedy, begins to completely encapsulate a feminist revision of of the two Shakespearean classics which evolves into a gender bending, chaotic, and witty adventure with some fierce female leads. The recreation of Juliet and Desdemona is a powerful reformation that makes you think about the original characters of Juliet and Desdemona a little more critically. The audience responded well to the fast pace humour and all the subtleties throughout the play. A show like this takes the audience on a imaginative ride through every scene.

A new student at Lakehead U, Christiana Goetz, just beginning her masters in clinical psychology took on the role of Juliette in the show, and captured the hilarity of a new wave Juliette perfectly, all while staying true to the dramatics and youthfulness of the role. Goetz moved from Rochester New York, to start the next chapter in her education but was longing for a way to get connected with her new community. With experience in theatre she saw the perfect opportunity with Cambrian; “I’ve always wanted to play Juliette, and this show brings whole new twists and turns to the character which is really fun”. The play being Canadian was new to Goetz, and found some of the writing quite interesting; “Besides being Juliette, I’m also a student at Queen’s University and I have to say, Eh… everyone makes fun of me for not sounding Canadian, but i try”.

The show had a successful run hosting nearly full crowds each performance night. To keep up with Cambrian players check out their facebook page or website The theatre looks forward to spring performances!


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