LUSU Election Candidate Profiles

Lakehead U

Compiled by Ellen Stevens, Business Manager


Candidates for the 2017 LUSU election were asked to answer a few questions about why they are ideal for their desired positions.

Business Manager’s  Note: Candidate profiles were not submitted by Farhan Yousaff, Pavlo Karasyuk, Amit Nair,  Davson Cole Griffin, Saini Rajroop, and Jess Kearney.



1) What qualifies you for the position for which you are running?

2) What is your experience working in an organization such as LUSU? What have your contributions been to the student union in the past?

3) If elected, what are three things you’d like to accomplish during your term?

4) Feel free to share any additional comments you may have.


For President

Leah Ching

Leah Ching


1) Having served as Editor-in-Chief at The Argus, I will bring my leadership, strong communication, and team-building skills to the union. I am passionate about student issues and advocacy, which I have reported on for over two years. Within this time, I have learned how the union works, and the common problems it has in implementing meaningful change. I will use my experience, connections, and passion for advocacy, to be a strong president and outspoken voice for students.

2) As a staff writer, a news editor, and now as Editor-in-Chief at The Argus, I have worked for a LUSU organization and learned exactly how it is that the union works. I have covered two elections now, worked closely with LUSU staff, board members, and executives and have learned from the strengths and shortcomings of past LUSU teams. I have also attended CFS conferences where I have received training on how to best tackle the most important issues facing students, such as high student debt and skyrocketing tuition fees. I have met and forged working relationships with government officials at the municipal and federal level, with important figures within the community, and with administration within the university.

3) Organize: It’s no doubt that LUSU needs a bureaucratic overhaul to ensure that meaningful change doesn’t get stagnated due to outdated and complex constitutional policies. Throughout summer, I will ensure that executives, staff, and board members receive the proper training we need to allow us to serve students effectively throughout the year. I will consult students tirelessly to ensure that diverse voices are heard, and concerns are brought forward, so we know exactly what it is that students want.
Strengthen: I will advocate continually within the university and within municipal government to create better options for student parking on campus, and lobby until we are able to receive a lower price on the student bus-pass, (plus that opt-out option that has eluded us for so long). I will make our demands known loud and clear and won’t allow students to be pushed around. This university belongs to all of us, and our voices will be heard.
Empower: I will raise funding for clubs, so that students can pursue their interests, attend conferences, and host events. I will also raise funding for the centers so that they can continue the great work they are doing in providing support, advocacy, and events for students. Creating more jobs and hosting more events on campus, especially for international and other marginalized students, is a large part of my mandate.

4) There’s a lot that I wish I could say in these 450 words! Visit I am open to chat anytime, and I look forward to serving you!

For Vice President Advocacy

1) Benjamin Steinmetz

Benjamin Steinmetz

1. First and foremost, to me the most important qualification for the job of VPA is that I care about my fellow students. Given the unique nature of the position, being able to create and maintain an empathetic attitude towards any situation is a key skill to have. More practically, I have a range of volunteer experience, some of which falling into the realm of advocacy. To top it off, I have the drive to do the job, even after a hard-fought by-election campaign and a disheartening result, I’m still very determined to be your VPA.

2. Since last year I have been a volunteer with LUSU’s food bank, through this I have been able to work at the logistics officer for the 2016 Trick or Eat campaign, sit on the hiring committee for the centre’s assistant, and finally sit on Lakehead’s committee for Food Security. Further from my work at the Food Bank, I was able to in the last term sit on a panel that discussed topics surrounding gender bending organized by PRIDE. Overall, since I started at Lakehead I would say I have invested a good chunk of my energy into our student union already.

3. My three big goals for this term if elected would be to promote transparency in LUSU allowing for students to know more about what is going on with their union; to combat Lakehead’s food insecurity with the help of Lakehead’s administration, so no student goes hungry; and finally, find the best ways to continue supporting students as they achieve their academic success at Lakehead in every way possible through the position of VPA.

4. I would also like to add some of the other things I plan on looking into are pushing for more study spaces on campus, resuming the AGM for clubs at Lakehead so no one is out of the loop and giving every opportunity for Lakehead students to have their voice heard. Also, check out @LUSUreform on Facebook! Remember Lakehead, just like in first term, I’m confident in my ability, I’ll be creative in my execution and I’m ready for the job.


2) Lindsey Kelly


Lindsey Kelly – You are my army, I am your Union-Vote Lindsey

1. I have managed students, I have advocated, for myself and for others, and I have seen from a distance the struggle that was faced by our student body without this form of leadership the past year. I am coming into this position with the realization of how necessary it can be to the wellbeing of our student body.

2. I spent several years volunteering for different LUSU clubs and centers, from distributing bus passes, to editing for our Arts and Culture section at the Argus, I have submitted myself whole heartedly to the student experience, and would like to take my experience and use it to assist others.

3. First, I’d like to see a more unified student government. There are 3 distinct different facets. Campus students, Orillia students, and the rest of us. Often, many of these sections, operate as their own cohesive units, as opposed to distinct but unified members of the same institution. Although it may be difficult at times, as each set of students has their own concerns, I would do everything in my power to make sure the concerns of all parties
Second would like to put much more of a focus on mental health and self care within the avenues of post secondary academia. As a student who has been forced to take time off for my own struggles, I am acutely aware of how taxing it can be balancing school, work and extracurricular activities, not even bringing to light anything else that crops up in these next four years.
Third, I would like to create a much more cohesive plan in specific relating to students and the academic appeals process. The appeals process is one that is convoluted and can be intensely intimidating. Having a set plan, and ensuring students are aware of their responsibilities but also rights as a student is an integral part in ensuring students remain empowered within the institutions that they are supporting.

4. If ever you find yourself stuck on campus, I am typically set up in the Study, come grab a button and talk poli to me! Throw some ideas at me, and we’ll see if we can’t make something happen! The reason most of us are running, is to make a better student experience for you guys!


3) Robert Strachan

Robert Strachan

1) Volunteering for the Cancer Society, the Diabetes Association, and the Mental Health Association, I’ve worked in various advocacy positions to strengthen the voices of those in need through lobbying local government and implementing petitions to demand change. As a volunteer firefighter and first responder, I respond to true emergencies that require swift and decisive action. And as a student who’s attended both campuses, I’m proud to call myself a Thunderwolf, and a member of LUSU. But I’m also able to understand the challenges and limitations faced by students at both campuses, such as the lack of infrastructure in Orillia, lack of support across both campuses, and the outrageous cost of student life in Thunder Bay.

2) Outside of LUSU I’ve been employed in numerous industrial and research settings, requiring professionalism, dedication, and critical thinking.
As the Food Bank Coordinator for LUSU since October 2015, I’ve worked to ensure that students have food when they need it. In this role, I’ve coordinated and learned from volunteers, overseen the garden project, hosted and been involved in various ad hoc committees focusing on sustainability, food security, and social justice, and have reported to the LUSU board of directors. I’ve ordered food purchases, worked within a budget, and coordinated various outreach initiatives, from food drives and fund raisers, to food forums and meetings with University administration to improve student life.

3) Precedently, I would like to meet with as many students as I can to hear their concerns and formulate a plan of action. My initial goals are to work with University administration to lower tuition costs for International and domestic students, and improve academic policies to better suit student needs, from reorganizing the appeals process to implementing pass/fail options for courses so students can take a course out of interest, without academic penalty. I’ll also work with VP Orillia to open LUSU centres that have historically been absent due to lack of funding support from Thunder Bay, creating more student jobs for Orillia students and easing workload for Orillia LUSU staff. At both campuses, I’ll work to create at least 10 additional jobs specifically for domestic and International students. Furthermore, I intend to explore the feasibility of implementing sustainable energy generators such as solar panels at the Orillia and Thunder Bay campuses, preferably with University support. These renewable energy programs may provide our Union with reasonable return on investment from programs such as MicroFIT, offered by Hydro One. I’m also open to exploring sustainable housing, car sharing, and other efficient solutions.

4) Simply, I would like to quote an unnamed source. There is no greater honour than the dedication of oneself to the service of others, and that is precisely what I intend to do.


For Board Of Directors (Thunder Bay)

1) Dawson Mihichuk

Dawson Mihichuk

1) My qualifications include being the regional leader of the Thunder Bay regional branch of Fair Vote Canada, member of Don Rusnak’s constituency Youth Council, and president of Reform Alliance, our grassroots student led group pushing to reform LUSU. I’ve lots of experience working with various levels of government, the university, and the student union. As your Director, myself and the Reform team will listen to student voices. We believe that the best student union is a student led one, and will govern LUSU from the bottom up, rather than top-down.

2) I have been involved with the student union since day one of university. I have helped LUSU with various events including the Fight the Fees campaign day in the Study. Last semester I decided to run for the position of Vice President Advocacy in a by-election. Unfortunately not enough students voted for it to be counted as a valid election. I’m back again, running for Board this time as I believe that it is there that I can push for the greatest most important changes to LUSU.

3) 1. Reforming LUSU’s constitution to simplify it and remove unnecessary bureaucracy and make LUSU more accountable and transparent
2. Push for better food service for students living in Residence, as well as improve the Food Bank and other services to increase student food security.
3. Lobby the university committee dealing with internet matters to install routers in all buildings on campus where there currently aren’t any.

4) LUSU has simply not been working as well as it could be. Students feel disconnected with their union as it is scandal ridden and overly secretive. Myself and other Reform candidates believe that we need change. A vote for us is a vote for giving the student union back to you, the students!


2) Eric Melillo

Eric Melillo

1. I am dedicated to making student life better. I will make the concerns of students heard loud and clear on the Board of Directors.

2. I currently serve on 5 boards and committees across Northern Ontario. I am committed to helping fix what’s broken in all levels of government, including LUSU.
3. If elected I will advocate for the reasonable ability to take handheld food out of the residence cafeteria, and to improve consistency of the quality of food. As well as reform to promote greater transparency and less bureaucracy surrounding the governing of LUSU. I also will fight for better wifi access in all buildings on campus. But above all, I will be the voice of students.

4. LUSU needs reform, and a vote for me will be a vote to making that reform happen. Students are feeling ignored and need a representative that will advocate for them. I will be that representative if I have the honour of being elected to the Board of Directors.



3) Mat Nowak

Mat Nowak

1) As a new student, I hear the complaints commonly raised by many at Lakehead. I am not an insider at LUSU. I am not a part of the bureaucracy, I am a LUSU outsider. I bring a new, innovative, and unbiased perspective, and I am running precisely because of that. The student union needs new faces that are willing to challenge the current standing of the organization. It is for that reason I am a part of the Reform Alliance, supporting positive change for all the students at Lakehead.

2) There has not been a large amount of opportunities put forth by LUSU for new students to participate in and to contribute to the student union. LUSU has been unable to reach out to students and take on initiative to engage the student population in their affairs. It is precisely because of this lack of effort that I am running to change that. We at the Reform Alliance believe that LUSU should be run from the bottom-up, not the top-down. With respect to experience in similar organizations, I am vice president and co-founder of the Reform movement, a new student led grassroots group that believes our union needs change.

3) 1. Increase transparency in LUSU by releasing as many records as possible, and opening proceedings for students to view, ensuring they are aware of the actions their union is carrying out.

2. Ensure accountability within the organization by implementing a process to allow recall elections if the student body loses faith in one or more of their elected leaders. It is important that elected officials maintain the trust of those they represent.

3. Advocate for better food services, such as the ability to remove certain food articles from the cafeteria within reason. Myself and other reformers believe that with the amount of money students pay for meal plans, their can be much improvement on food quality and the food services.

4) As a key member and vice president of the Reform movement, I firmly believe that our student union can be greatly improved upon to better serve those they are meant to represent and serve. Visit us on Facebook @LUSUReform to stay informed on our push to fix LUSU.


4) Victoria Erickson

Victoria Erickson

1. The combination of my previous leadership experience and passion for the student movement make me well suited to be a member of the Board of Directors on the Thunder Bay campus. I am highly motivated and actually (not just a campaign tactic) want to do what is best for our student body, ensuring every student has equal opportunity and a powerful voice. I have ample leadership experience I can draw on, which will aid me in representing the student body with strength and grace for the duration of my term on LUSU’s Board of Directors.


2. My experience on St. Ignatius’ Students’ Activity Council provided me with skills that are directly transferrable to a Director’s position with LUSU. Here, I served as the Public Relations Officer where I led small groups in organizing events and advocating for the student body. I furthered my leadership portfolio when I entered university as I am now the Director of Environmental Initiatives for the LU Association of Biology Students and the Vice-President Public Relations for the LU Society of Chemists. My direct involvement with LUSU began this year as I attended the Canadian Federation of Students Annual General Meeting as a Student Representative. At this conference, I had the opportunity to speak with students from universities across Canada, learning about their student government processes and their perspective of what is key to an enjoyable student experience.

3.  Make mental health services diverse and accessible. Increase student involvement. Update student spaces

4.  I would like to strongly encourage all students to vote. You have a voice. It is important and it is powerful. Use it.


5) Harleen Bhullar

Harleen Bhullar

1) Ever since high school, I have had a keen interest in joining student politics. I like to actively engage and be involved on campus so I believe joining the student union is a great avenue to accomplish my goals. During high school, I was very involved in student life through the means of Athletic Council, Student Council, Grad Committee, Troubleshooters (anti-bullying club), and various other sports clubs. I have also volunteered with various community organizations in Thunder Bay. Furthermore, I proudly serve as a member of the Senate of Undergraduate Studies as well as the President of Lakehead University Indian Student Association (LUISA).

2) Over the years, I have gained a broad range of experiences, working with diverse groups through volunteering at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (TBRHSC), Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM), Heart and Stroke Foundation, Cancer Society, Multicultural Association, and India Canada Association (ICA). At Lakehead, I have taken on the role of President in Lakehead University Indian Students Association (LUISA), a club representing the South Asian student community of Thunder Bay. I have also previously volunteered with the Multi Cultural Centre (MCC) and the South Asian Students Association. For all of the above listed clubs and associations, I have experience collaborating with LUSU, as it plays an integral role in assisting and ensuring we get all help that is needed. These positions have allowed me in assisting international students in their transition to Lakehead and put forth their voice in order to increase cultural diversity at the University.

3) If elected, I would like to improve media communication, increase student resources accessibility and create more job opportunities on campus. As a student myself, during the initial years I had a hard time knowing about when and where things were happening, due to the lack of communication. Additionally, there are not any accessible resources that students can make use of over the weekend e.g. Hours of cafeterias, library, bookstore etc. The addition of more resources would lead to more jobs and there are many students, in fact international students, that require jobs and this will open several doors for them as well.

4) I believe it is high time that students work together and transform Lakehead University into a campus filled with abundant resources as well as enjoyment for all students. I promise to not only listen to all your voices but to share your needs and desires with the rest of the student body and improve the student experience received at Lakehead University. I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to vote and show your support from Feb 2-8, 2017.



6) Shahroze Arshad

Shahroze Arshad

1. I’m a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student here at Lakehead University. LUSU has been a group which I have been close with since my first year here. I have worked with LUSU as a volunteer, club executive, club member, and as a student. And each one of these positions comes with unique interactions with the LUSU executive. I have the ability of making decisions with clarity and steadiness allowing for a very precise decision to be made. When working side by side with LUSU, I know how LUSU will work. This will allow for a smooth transition into the Union. Having the ability to interact with students around campus makes me a great candidate for the Board of Directors position. If anyone has a problem I am open for people to talk to and are free to tell me their concerns no matter what program, what year.


2. My experience with LUSU has been a very unique experience because I have worked with both LUSU and LUSU international. And both are amazing and easy to work with. I have been a volunteer with LUSU since my first year. Majority of my interactions with LUSU have been as a group executive and a volunteer. This has given me experience working with LUSU. My contributions to LUSU have been vast over the past four years. I have taken part in many events as a volunteer such as the LUSU orientations, the LUSU International orientations, the Winter Carnival, FROSH week, and many LUSU group events held in the Agora. My experience with LUSU has been continuous for the past four years, giving me a head start as a member of the Board of Directors.

3. Three things to accomplish in a term is a question where the most important problems must be brought up which students constantly raise. So first, a real problem to fix is the study spaces and library hours at the University. This issue has been raised for many years now but the only difference made is during exam season. This needs to addressed as soon as possible. Also, the food on campus needs to be much more cooperative with students who live on campus. The food at the residence cafeteria needs to be much more diverse for students who have a need for it and much better in general. This problem has been ongoing for a while and it needs to be addressed. Lastly, I would like to address the absence of activities on campus. There has been a lack of activity on campus by clubs in campus making the campus very boring for students. A campus should be fun and very interactive. Therefore, having activities around campus will help with stress and boredom on campus.

4. As a candidate, I would like to tell everyone that I am a very outgoing and friendly. If anyone has a problem with anything on campus, you can speak to me because I am an open ear. Also, everyone who knows me, knows me as SHEZZY. So you all can call me SHEZZY! Please vote for me as I will make a change on campus!


7) Tannis Kastern

Tannis Kastern

Hello, my name is Tannis Kastern and I am seeking re-election on this year’s board of directors. I am a member of Fort William First Nation and currently in my third year of the Indigenous Learning HBA here at Lakehead University. I am a strong Anishinaabekwe (woman) with insight and direction that will allow me to be a voice to advocate for not only Indigenous students but all students. I have worked in a political structured environment for many years. Prior to returning to school as a mature student I worked as an administrative officer for Fort William First Nation Chief and Council, under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer. It is here where I gained knowledge and skills that will enrich this seat I am seeking.
Since being elected as a board director, I have advocated for all students. Participating in many student events and campaigns such as: Fight the fees campaign, Black history month, Refugee student support, Aboriginal student support and events. I am a member of the National Aboriginal Caucus and the Canadian Federation of Students. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with many students from all over Canada. Advocating for lower student tuition and a reduction in international student fees. Also, I had the honor of sitting on the Chancellor electoral committee for the upcoming appointment of the new Chancellor for Lakehead! If re-elected as a board member, I would like to see more student involvement with the governance of this university. Cultural identities, discrimination, racism and gender issues should never create barriers during our academic journey. Respect and empowerment of all minorities and supporting new leadership representatives are the changes Lakehead needs. There are socio-economic issues that require attention including high student debt, lack of affordable living and access to jobs. University ran programs such as mental health, student success, disability access, need enhancing to accommodate student’s needs. I intend to advocate for all students and work hard to implement change. We have a large university population with a diverse student body and everyone deserves to enjoy their academic, social and learning experience here at Lakehead University! If I am re-elected, I will continue to reinforce transparency, communication and fair treatment to meet the needs of all students!



8) Olaoluwa Noble

Olaoluwa Noble

I’m a third-year Business student at Lakehead University seeking election to the board of directors. LUSU’s mission is to ensure that all students can pursue academic excellence as well as personal and social growth at Lakehead, free from barriers related to income, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, family status, or ability. As a member of the board, I wish to continue to uphold this mission.

  1. The board of directors requires a variety of qualifications. Some of which I possess are:
  • Commitment to the mission
  • Having a vision flexible to possible changes
  • Informed, reliable, engaged and innovative
  • Willing to represent the organization or its interest at events
  • Natural affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals
  1. Over the past few years, I have been privileged to work with organizations such LUSU. As a community member in Brampton, Ontario, I have been involved in several youth development programs. These programs have helped me understand the importance of having an environment where individuals can come together to with different ideas to solve an issue and better the community. I have also been privileged to be a part of the board of directors. As a Member at Large and an innovative individual, I have been able to represent the union at conferences, listen to issues of students, put forward their views and create and implement innovative ideas.
  2. Three goals I plan to achieve during my term are as follows;
  • My first pillar is Transparency: We are all trying to better the university, staying connected with the student body, informing you of issues and events of the student union will help build a healthy relationship. I will push to improve the impact of students on decision making
  • My second pillar is Accountability: As a member of the board of directors, if elected, I will ensure the student body is represented fairly, and resources of the student union are used to benefit the students of Lakehead.
  • Finally, my third pillar is Progression: My biggest goal is to see our student union grow. I will conduct myself to think about projects that have long-term impacts and create a foundation that present and future students can be proud of.

Lakehead is my home and has given me so much. With your votes, I can give back to the Lakehead community and help improve our (already amazing) institution!



For Board Of Directors (Orillia)


1) Aaron Hiltz

1. Hello fellow Lakehead students! I’m Aaron, a first-year student here at Lakehead Orillia. I’m studying political science and law and I’m really enjoying my time here. I am an approachable and easy going person who firmly believes in the value of hard work and the power of people. Since I arrived at Lakehead, I’ve witnessed first-hand an enormous amount work being done by the many volunteers that make this campus what it is. Open, judgement-free and progressive. That’s why I’m running for a position on the Board of Directors.

2. I have had a seat on a board like that of the Lakehead Student Union in the past, although not representing as many members, so I am aware of the challenges I may face if elected. While part of the Health and Safety board at my former employer, I was able to ensure warehouse and office staff had what they needed to create a safe working environment. Throughout the year, I have volunteered with the events commission and it has given me the opportunity to meet and talk with so many of you. I look forward to volunteering around school as often as possible, as Lakehead has become my home away from home.
3. If elected, I would like to ensure the Orillia students from both Orillia campuses have their voices heard. I want to ensure that we as a student’s union, are moving in a progressive direction, one that involves each and every one of us. If elected, I want to ensure the Orillia campuses have what they need to continue growing. My goal is to represent you, the Orillia students, in the most effective way possible.

4. I am looking forward to meeting with you and hearing your concerns. Don’t hesitate to approach me or ask any questions you may have! I’m here for all of you!




2) Adrian Smith

Adrian Smith

1) I have spent four years at LU-Orillia, and as you know it has been quite a ride! I have spent my time at Lakehead working on many projects and teams and have dedicated myself to their success. I have played the role of activist and support; on-campus, at both the Ontario and National CFS General Meetings. There is where my passion was emboldened by like-minded peers to support equity and fairness for all. I have formed long-lasting relationships with executives, politicians, our administration and other local unions which can be leveraged for the benefit of LUSU and of you, our students. These experiences, along with your support, have provided me with the right combination of skills, relationships and practices to truly represent our student body in a transparent, ethical and deliberate fashion.

2) My experiences vary greatly. I have worked as an executive on a youth soccer club board, as a liaison for a community charitable board and within multiple community organizations. These experiences really have developed my skill set to that of one which stands for equity. Within our local union I have been the Shinerama Coordinator and the Campaigns Commissioner and have learned so much that I hope to apply to guiding our union; but I cannot do it alone. I had the opportunity to gauge student opinions and guide the unions campaigns to match that of our campus. I introduced #MHOW, the Mental Health Outreach Week which is now an annual campaign at LU-O. I believe these contributions make me uniquely qualified to bring forward your concerns to the LUSU board but I need your support, your input to define the direction in which we must go.

3) Firstly, I would like to make the union as transparent as possible. I am sure some of you have concerns, as do I, about situations that have arisen within our union. I believe in our union but I also believe we should not cover up our missteps. The students deserve to know the status of the union at all times and I will strive to make that happen.
If given your support, I would like to create more forums for students to provide their input in person and and via electronic methods. I feel that our union is only as good as the input we receive. Without direction from the students our union cannot possibly provide the best services, events and campaigns that students desire. I genuinely believe that our students are engaged and I know you will provide the right feedback to get us on the right track,
Finally, I would like to take a moment to discuss efficiency and representation. I desire to push our elected representatives to make our union dollars stretch; to run this union as efficiently as possible. To me, this looks like spreading the work evenly and stepping up to the plate to take on the hard tasks as elected representatives. It is your money – I want it to be spent the way YOU want!

4) Students of LU, VOTE! I would love for you to vote for me if you feel my candidacy fits what you are looking for but please when the time comes, either way VOTE! Your vote means something at LUSU and with that vote you can change the face of our union.
I ask you this: Do you want transparency? Do you want equity? Do you want a candidate who speaks for you – not themselves? If you answer yes to any or all of those questions, I urge you to vote for me, Adrian Smith, for the position of Director on the LUSU Board of Directors.


3) Theresa Vande Burgt

Theresa Vandeburgt

(1)As a Media Studies transfer student in my second year at Lakehead University, I’ve had lots of experience as a student, and many different opportunities to get involved. As a Peer Health Educator and leader of the Mental Health Outreach Team, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know students and work as a team member to improve the quality of Lakehead’s student life. As a Director of the Board, I am going to continue to be a representative for Lakehead students, and make sure your voices are heard.

(2)Under the Lakehead University Student Union, I run a club entitled the Mental Health Outreach Team, which I am extremely lucky and grateful to be the President for. Running this club alongside my two amazing officers has given me experience working with a team of Lakehead students to talk about Mental Health on campus. I’ve gained experience organizing and holding club meetings, updating and running different social media profiles, and listening to student feedback. My fellow Lakehead students have inspired and encouraged me, and I hope to continue working and communicating with them as a Board member.

(3)If elected, I will continue to support and listen to students, and bring their concerns to the Union. During my term, I want to continue to work as PHE and MHOT member, bringing different concerns and ideas to the board on policy and services surrounding all aspects of student health. As well, a very important part of student life is that of social activities and events. I want to hear what students want, and I hope to bring new opportunities for students to connect with each other to Lakehead, meaning new club start ups and social events held at Lakehead. As well as student health and social life, an important item for me in representing Lakehead is the community of Orillia overall. I want to discuss different connections between Lakehead students and the City of Orillia. I want to know how Lakehead students find living in Orillia, and what would help their living experience in this wonderful small city.

(4)I stand for student unity, equity, and representation. I promise to listen, I promise to care, and I promise to speak up. I want to know what you care about, what you’re concerned about, and what would make LU better for YOU.
Follow my campaign to get to know me and what I stand for. Make sure you VOTE this Election period. #Theresa4BOD #LULove #LUVotes



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