“You Can’t Sit With Us”


UK Parliament’s hypocrisy in regards to the Trump Visit
By: Norman Gabriel – Contributor

On Monday, cries of equality echoed through the House of Commons as the MP’s rallied behind the Speaker of the House in regards to Trump’s visit. Bercow elevated the status of the British Parliament declaring, “To speak in both houses is not an automatic right, but it is an earned honor.” For the first time in 200 years the UK shut the door on the U.S, sadly I don’t think The Donald will come back knocking.

Donald Trump – By Gage Skidmore / Flickr Creative Commons

To the Labor party and much of the house, Trump’s sexist remarks and his controversial travel ban had cost him his voice in parliament. Days after Bercow’s affirmation, political pundits and speakers climbed aboard the bandwagon, damming the new administration and putting Theresa May in hot water.

As the Trump protests go abroad for the first time and members of parliament marinate in their self-righteousness; the diplomacy of the world’s two largest sovereign nations quickly dissolves. Although parliament showed great distaste of Trump’s travel ban, I recall not too long ago the UK orchestrated a travel ban of their own. Using a similar platform rhetoric, Nigel Farage guiltlessly exploited the fears of an uneducated working class to coordinate arguably one of the largest political setbacks in history. The consequences of the decision are still hardly quantifiable, questioning the cornerstone of democracy itself “vox populi vox dei.” The Brexit campaign slogan “Take Back Control” had the same impact “Make America Great Again” had, it was a sentiment of nationalism.

Even looking past the hypocrisy, one can’t help but feel disappointed with the logic of the House of Commons. The battle cry was truly noble in its inception but it was a massive misstep towards its intended goal. If the punishment for Trump’s actions was revoking his parliamentary pass, then I believe you’ve just created another division the world doesn’t need. What would have been more effective was allowing Trump to speak, having a true referendum of ideas and if he does pollute parliament with hate rhetoric, embarrass him. This was the U.K’s opportunity to take the baton as the new beacon the world must follow, but it was sullied by childish judgement.

This reminded me of a scene from my favorite movie that I believe sums up the situation to a tee. Regina George’s fall from grace culminated to one faithful Monday, when the only pants that fit her were sweatpants. This was a grave conflict of interest among the rest of the plastics since the prior agreements stated that sweatpants were only worn on Fridays. After she wasn’t allowed to sit Regina went rogue, changing the entire dynamic of the plastics and essentially the whole high school.

Never in my life have I seen the behaviors of international politicians resemble that of a Narcissistic North Shore Mean Girl. If Regina George taught me anything we know what comes next from Donald Trump and the entire world stands to lose from this. The British parliament look eerily similar to the plastics from the movie and halting forward progress to fight this self-righteous crusade, is far from fetch.

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