Three Local Girl Blogs You Need to be Following

Cheers to the women that inspire us to write, create, and share!

Compiled by Leah Ching, Editor in Chief

It’s no secret that Thunder Bay is home to some of the most talented and creative women around. We at The Argus are especially grateful for those women that chose to write about themselves, share their passions with us, and give us glimpses into their lives. We decided to celebrate a few of those fearless ladies who exude confidence, aren’t afraid to put themselves out there, entertain us, make us laugh, or just straight up give us fashion-envy! The three local female bloggers that we’ve featured below are some of our very favourites. They keep us entertained, and they are all great reminders that our community is home to a diverse range of women who aren’t afraid to speak out about their passions and put themselves out there for the world to see. Hats off to all of you ladies, keep on doing what you’re doing.


1.Bay Awesome

Amanda Bay, also known as Bay Awesome just exudes positivity and confidence in her writing! A young professional woman from Thunder Bay, Amanda has a long history in journalism and broadcasting, and now works as the Director of Communications and PR at Firedog Communications, a local PR firm in Thunder Bay. It’s Amanda’s positivity and her blog’s overall happy-go-lucky vibe that really makes readers fall in love with her. With blog posts about the benefits of smiling, to others about dealing with “when people try to steal your awesome,” this girl is all about being positive, happy, and creating a life that you love.

Bay Awesome’s “About Me” page gives readers a bit of insight about why she was inspired to start her blog. After turning thirty and dubbing that year, the #YearOfAwesomeness, Amanda created a list of 30 to-do’s that she had to complete throughout the year to make it awesome. Much like Jenna Rink in 13 Going on 30, Amanda Bay/Bay Awesome is filled with cheerfulness and optimism that is both charming and contagious! If you’re half as happy as this chick by the time you’re thirty, you’re doing something right. We’d tell you more, but we think you should go read for yourself.

Amanda is down to earth and keeps it personal, writing thoughtful pieces about learning to be comfortable in your own skin, or about what happens when you find yourself in a slump. Readers can expect sincere honesty, positivity, and optimism in posts that are fun and relatable. It’s her honesty and willingness to open up to audiences that makes readers laugh, smile, and want to keep reading. Keeping up with Bay Awesome will take you through the musings of a woman that’s just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. You’ll leave feeling positive and refreshed – like just maybe, someday we can all be as awesome as Bay Awesome.


2.Eating Dirt

From – By Scott Hobbs

If there’s a woman that emanates general bad-assness, it’s Leah Morningstar or as her readers know her, Eating Dirt. Eating Dirt is a local blog that features “real and raw writings about motherhood.” As she says on her homepage, “It sucks but it’s awesome.” The author is a mother of three sons, has studied English and Women’s Studies at University, leans very far to the left, and is a feminist. Just from that intro, we like her already.

Her blog features posts from right here in Thunder Bay that are incredibly well-written, and are on a variety of topics; being a mom, getting tattooed, and my personal favourites, a photo-documented journey of her torching her wedding dress and then posing like a babe in the woods with a gun. Eating Dirt is about a woman who is as cool, fearless, honest, and beautiful as we can all hope to be.

Featuring some truly personal and heartwarming posts about love, family, and motherhood, her blog also is home to some edgy and deeply personal ones about divorce, healing, and weird shit her kids say. She also takes the time to feature local artists and businesses from around her community, contributing to the local arts and culture scene in a really cool way. Aside from the awesome writing and the pictures of her youngest son inside of a fridge, her raw humour, openness, and relatability is a large part of why we keep coming back for more. We really love Eating Dirt and her willingness to be gut-wrenchingly honest with her readers without sugarcoating or glossing over any of the details. Seriously, check out her blog, you won’t regret it. To Leah Morningstar/Eating Dirt: Thank you for being you!




Young, beautiful, and ambitious, we already know this girl is going places! Sabrina is a local history student here at Lakehead, and writes about fashion, beauty and lifestyle on a blog that is as gorgeous as she is! As a full time student, she blogs as a hobby about the things she enjoys; from fashion and beauty trends, to cool products, travelling, and baking. This girl does it all.

On her page, you’ll find fashion and style advice about the latest trends, with photos of Sabrina’s favourite outfits that will give you some serious fashion envy. The best part is, Sabrina looks good on a budget, foregoing Versace and Prada for more reasonable and practical brands like Topshop, H&M, and Urban Outfitters. She even features a great thrift haul and gives all of us out there some hope that we too, can look as ballin’ and beautiful as she does on a student budget.

ArcticSabrina features written posts on a variety of topics, accompanied by tons of great photos, and even some vlogs. Sabrina also pens some personal posts introducing readers to her hometown, about dealing with the stresses of school, and about her commitment to being a vegetarian for over ten years.

Sabrina already has a sizeable following on her blog, and it’s not hard to understand why. This girl does a bit of everything, and does it really well. From an Ellie Goulding makeup tutorial to baking with her grandmother’s peanut butter cookie recipe, ArcticSabrina is anything but mundane. As such a talented lifestyle blogger, her webpage is upbeat and personable, and her photos are aesthetically pleasing, stylish, and give us all hope that we too can look as cool as she does. We’re seriously not sure how she does it! We’re already big fans, and we see this girl going great places in her future! We’d call her the next Alexa Chung, but we think she’s in a class of her very own. Thanks for giving us glimpses into your life Sabrina, and thanks for giving us the inspiration to be as stylish and confident as you are!


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