Best of: Political Blunders

The year’s top 6 political mishaps

By Savanah Tillberg, Staff Writer

Quite possibly the only positive thing to come out of the political world in the last twelve months was the enduring, soul-filling bromance between Joe Biden and Barack Obama. That being said, The Argus decided it would be appropriate to provide you with our favourite cringe-worthy political mishaps of the season. So sit back, relax and prepare to lose faith in the world’s leaders.


  1. You do know its called International WOMEN’S Day, right?

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, like many others, took to social media platforms on March 8th, 2017 to celebrate International Woman’s Day. Grégoire Trudeau wrote on several platforms, “This week, as we mark International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the boys and men in our lives who encourage us to be who we truly are, who treat girls & women with respect, and who aren’t afraid to speak up in front of others.” Though well intentioned, asking that people celebrate men and boys may not have been the most appropriate choice for International Women’s Day. We can use any and all of the other 364 days of the year to celebrate individuals pushing for gender equality, but IWD is about celebrating how far women have come and celebrating those who made tremendous efforts and sacrifices to fight for the rights of women. It was definitely not the best political strategy on Grégoire Trudeau’s part… but good effort, I suppose?


  1. Remember ‘Elbowgate’?

We cannot forget Trudeau’s Elbowgate incident from May 2016. Whilst strutting across the aisle through a crowd of people in the House of Commons, Prime Minister Trudeau accidentally elbowed NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the chest. The (over) reaction to the incident nearly broke the Internet that week and almost resulted in a parliamentary committee investigation of Trudeau, who formally apologized for the incident.


  1. Give credit where credit is due

If we’re being completely honest, the American election was a never-ending circus and the series of unfortunate events could have made up this entire list. One of the more memorable moments was the passionate, fierce, and empowering speech given by Melania Trump at the Republican National Convention – a speech so memorable that listeners across the globe recalled it from four years earlier when Michelle Obama delivered an identical speech at the Democratic National Convention. Not a spectacular moment for the Trump campaign.


  1. Education is NOT key, according to Beyak

Recently, Senator Lynn Beyak has been making headlines for announcing that she does not require any more education regarding Canada’s residential schools and that she has “suffered” alongside survivors. In her speech she spoke of the good intentions of the teachers and administrative staff at residential schools and that “mistakes were made at residential schools — in many instances, horrible mistakes that overshadowed some good things that also happened at those schools.” Not surprisingly, Beyak faced extreme criticism following her statements and was even asked by Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler and Grand Council Treaty 3 Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh to resign from her position. Her commentary on residential schools was referred to as “offensive” and labeled a “national insult”. Beyak was unapologetic for her behaviour and has stated that she has no intention of resigning. *Nation-wide sigh*


  1. Bureaucracy at its finest

On November 16, 2016, Canadian politician Michelle Rempel spoke out about Alberta’s economic situation in the House of Commons. While speaking passionately about the topic, Rempel said, “Why does the government treat Alberta like a fart in the room that nobody wants to acknowledge?” The comment was not received well by Green Party Leader Elizabeth May who replied,  “I heard her say a word that I know is distinctly unparlimentary, and I think she may want to withdraw it. The word was f-a-r-t.” While Rempel was unimpressed by May’s “useless [and] out of touch” intervention, the rest of the world shook their heads in disbelief at the lack of decorum and professionalism from both politicians.


  1. Hey ladies, did you know you’re inferior?

Feminists across the globe were shaken when Polish politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke proudly argued that women rightfully earn less than men because they are “weaker, smaller and less intelligent.” Other chamber members called it “insulting” and immediately condemned his argument. Korwin-Mikke persisted with his argument despite the increasing opposition and continued to argue that women should not have to right to debate with him as his equal. If you aren’t cringing already, he attempted to solidify his case by pointing out that there are no women in the top 100 chess players in the world… because that’s the true measure of someone’s worth, right?


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