12 Local Instagrammers You Should Be Following

12 Local Instagrammers You Should Be Following

The photos are aesthetically pleasing, and the people behind them have a unique sense of style and personality. 

Compiled by Leah Ching, Editor-In-Chief

Okay, it’s time to spice up your Instagram feed a little bit. We know you enjoy seeing your friends’ engagement announcements and newborn baby photos, and we’re sure you can’t get enough of that girl from your high school who posts selfies with Drake lyric captions and asks you to buy Tea Tox or Skinny Tea or whatever the kids are selling these days. Yes, we are aware that “coffee is a way of life” and “Mondays are crappy, but does your aunt really need to post a minion meme every week to remind you?! In case you’re tired of the same-old pics circulating your feed, and you’re looking for something new to double tap, The Argus compiled a list of twelve of our favourite local instagrammers. (Please, refrain from creepily sliding into their DM’s). Thunder Bay is full people that are incredibly talented and passionate, and these are a few of our favourite folks, in no particular order, from everyone’s favourite photo-sharing app.

@Dmangilbert – Damien Gilbert

As a professional photographer based out of Thunder Bay, Damien Gilbert has made a name for himself for his work in photography and film. As the owner-operator of Epica Pictures, a cinematography company within the city, his photos and videos are nothing short of breathtaking. Damien was voted Thunder Bay’s best Photographer and Thunder Bay’s best Instagrammer for both 2015 and 2016 in The Walleye’s annual reader’s survey, and it’s definitely not hard to see why. If you’re looking for the best of the best, here it is.

@SamanthaRuberto – Samantha Ruberto

Thousands of folks are following this gal for a reason. The Thunder Bay local has a bright and fierce personality and a taste for adventure. Samantha is a regular traveler that has spent lots of the last few years travelling throughout Europe and Asia. Most recently, she’s made her way to Panama, Peru, and Brazil. Sam brings her positive and curious nature wherever she goes. As a real estate agent and world traveler from Thunder Bay, she is sure to fill your newsfeed with some excitement, maybe inspiring you to find a new home, or to travel the globe.

@milkandwaterbakingco Milk and Water Baking Co.

Milk and Water Baking Co. is run by an incredibly talented baker in Thunder Bay named Ellen Bright. As a third generation baker, she bakes cakes and cupcakes that are not only delicious, but are also incredibly beautiful. The aesthetics of her work speaks for itself, and it’s no wonder Milk and Water has over 40,000 instagram followers and counting! Ellen’s baking is nothing short of being edible works of art, and speak to a talent and attention to detail that is near unmatchable. On top of that, Milk and Water is opening a small pick-up shop in Downtown Port Arthur this Spring, in order to make their products more available to everyone. We at The Argus can’t wait, and we’re glad we don’t have to wait til wedding season to get our hands on some of these delicious cakes!

@charis.mesic Charis Mesic

Charis Mesic is so full of youthful energy and beauty, that we really can’t get enough of her stuff. Charis is a young photographer who self describes herself as “your local happy gal, camera in hand, smile on face.” Many portraits of spirited youth line Charis’ feed, and she manages to capture the beauty of small moments and simplicity in a way that shows remarkable talent beyond her years. Charis works with light and projection and is never afraid to work outside of the box to produce thought-provoking and aesthetically pleasing photos. We’re blown away by Charis’ creativity and skill when it comes to the camera.

@Tra1n_1nsane Boris Vladimirovitch

Photo by BB Image/Bryan Bishop

Boris Vladimirovitch is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer in Thunder Bay. Boris is all about flexible dieting, strength and conditioning, and bodybuilding. (He’s literally the most ripped guy we know. Please teach us your ways).  With posts that feature workout and dieting advice, Boris definitely knows what he’s talking about, and his pictures show that he clearly practices what he preaches. Boris is an inspiration to the rest of us to put down the potato chips, hit the gym, and pick up some weights. For workout buffs and beginners alike, you’ll find yourself enjoying Boris’ food and workout advice, and the occasional fire meme as well!

@Pie.ology_bylieslorford Liesl Orford

Liesl Orford is an exceptionally talented baker of delicious pies out of Thunder Bay, Ontario. After her move here in 2013, she started making the Ploughman’s Hand Pie to make ends meet, and has never looked back. Since then, she has become a widely popular Market Vendor and Thunder Bay business woman. Locals love Liesl for her delicious pies, and her bubbly and warm personality.  Her pies are made using seasonal, fresh and local fruits, vegetables and meats which are then encased in delicious handmade butter pastry and freshly baked, resulting in the pie of your dreams. Liesl is all about the positive interactions that are had over pie that she hopes her customers can experience and remember. Her dedication to the craft reflects in the beautiful pictures she uploads on her page, where viewers can see pies and pics that are a treat to feast your eyes on!

@LisaFThunderBay Lisa Foster

With a keen eye for beauty, Lisa Foster captures some of the most stunning landscapes in Thunder Bay, and elsewhere. We are pretty blown away by her ability to capture still moments of absolute beauty and tranquility. For Canadian outdoors enthusiasts, it doesn’t get better than this. Lisa’s vibrant photos will remind you what a beautiful place we live in, and have you itching to get outdoors.

@Greymatters87 Tamara Spence

The Argus’ own Tamara Spence is a bonafide woman of wonder. As far as fishing goes, Tamara is a pro, and has amassed a number of sponsors, and an impressive following while pursuing her passions. It’s a wonder Tamara has time to coordinate the Sports and Recreation section at The Argus on top of all she does. With stunning shots of her catches throughout the year, Tamara is also incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to living an outdoors lifestyle. From ice fishing to shore fishing and everything else in between, this woman knows her stuff, and is always willing to share what she’s learned with her followers. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or a newbie fisher just looking for that first catch, this is the woman to follow.

@Photosbybryan Bryan Bishop (Hall)

Bryan Bishop is a photographer based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario where he owns BB Image, a photography company that specializes in everything from commercial portrait photography to lifestyle and adventure photography. Bryan combines his training and technical skill with a immense creativity to produce images that are both artistic and alluring, proving that he’s always willing to go the extra mile to capture that memorable moment.

@Sarmcpherson Sarah McPherson

When Sarah McPherson was introduced to us by our Layout Editor, we knew we had to have her on our staff. As a Lakehead student and part-time photographer from Thunder Bay, Sarah captures beauty in every shot she takes. Sarah explores her surroundings in Thunder Bay and manages to snap some truly stunning photos of the faces and places she comes into contact with. As our very own Multimedia Manager at The Argus, we’re more than lucky to have Sarah as part of the team!


@Justint.stevens.3 Justin T Stevens

Justin T Stevens is an extremely talented photographer from Fort William First Nation currently living in Thunder Bay, Ontario. From stunning shots of the stars over the Sleeping Giant, to eye-catching photos of the Northern Lights, Justin knows how to capture a moment outdoors in a unique and bold way. His photos, filled with the rich and vibrant colours of the Fort William First Nation and Thunder Bay outdoors bring the beauty of the Northern Ontario right to your screen.

@Superiorfoodie Chelsea V.

Get ready to get hungry! Chelsea is a self-proclaimed foodie from Thunder Bay that is helping save the planet with plant-based meals and green/happy living tips. Her recipes are filled with simple and healthy ingredients that look delicious and make you think “Hey, I could probably manage this cooking thing!” Chelsea also runs a blog where she posts recipes in more detail, but her instagram is sure to leave your mouth watering and have you on your way to the nearest grocery store.

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