Five Things You Might Not Know About LU (But Probably Should)

By: Hannah Smith, Staff Writer


  1. Financial Services

Handling finances and developing a budget or spending plan can be a lot to take on with classes in full swing and assignments piling up. With the cost of tuition and textbooks always at the back of our minds, it’s key to have a solid financial plan. If you’re anything like me, the thought of talking about money (and I don’t mean receiving it) sends a rush of horror down your spine. But no need to worry – located in UC 0002A, Financial Services will sit down with you and map out a financial plan for you free of charge! Imagine that: free and personal financial advice and it has been sitting there waiting to be discovered all this time.

  1. LUSU Food Bank

Food, while essential, is a major expense for many students. Funded by LUSU and by gracious donations, The Food Bank is committed to providing fresh and nutritious food for Lakehead students. They have a Garden Project that runs from June to September and a Greenhouse Project that runs year-round. All you need is a valid student card to access the LUSU Food Bank, located in UC 2014B. Students can take one bag of food per month and students with dependents can take two bags. The Food Bank also hosts The People’s Potato: a weekly, free hot lunch for students.


  1. Student Health and Counselling Centre

Located on the first floor of Prettie Residence, the Student Health and Counselling Centre provides a wide variety of services such as medication/refills, STI screenings, birth control, emergency contraception, treatment of chronic health concerns, counselling with a trained mental health professional, and referrals for services not offered on campus. You can even book appointments with the same physician so they become familiar with your specific needs. Most importantly, opting out of the LUSU Health and Dental Plan does not impact your access to any of these services. As long as you have proof of valid provincial or international coverage, the Student Health and Counselling Centre is here to support your emotional and physical well-being.

  1. mySuccess

Job hunting is never fun and for that matter, never easy – until now. Through the mySuccess page on the Lakehead website, you are able to browse through hundreds of different job postings and volunteer positions on campus in Thunder Bay and internationally. You can upload your resume, track the jobs you’ve applied for, and make appointments with the Student Success Centre.

  1. The Study

The Study is a campus favourite. While not exactly a secret, there are a few things you might not know about the coffeehouse. It not only has the best study atmosphere, coffee, and company, but the menu also features lunch items. In addition, The Study also has tons of entertainment! Equipped with a stage, they hold open mic nights every Wednesday. The space is even available to book for events throughout the year. If you can’t find a computer in the constantly packed library, have no fear! Did you know, tucked in the back corner of The Study, there are computers ready for you to use? The Study will simply never disappoint.