So You Want to Get Involved?

Life beyond books

By Hannah Smith

Although it may be a cliché, there is truth in that much of the university experience coming from the various clubs, sports and extra-curricular activities which students choose to be a part of. Getting involved not only provides students with opportunities to get to know their school community better, but it can also be a key component in forming new friendships and discovering new things about yourself. I’m sure this all sounds really great but you might be thinking: “how do I get involved?” Thankfully, at Lakehead, you are a part of a community that promotes student leadership as well as engagement.

PC Lakehead University

There are a number of clubs to get involved with through the Student Union, whether you are looking for something directly related to your program or not. Lakehead is home to the LU Nursing Association, LU Engineering Student Association, English Student’s Association and many more program- specific clubs.. If those doesn’t interest you, check out the Model UN, the Wildlife Society and/or Alpha Pi Phi sorority, just to name a few. For a full list feel free to visit the LUSU website for even more social groups on campus and contact information for any clubs that may appeal to you!

Now, let’s say you’re taking a look at the list and there’s nothing peaking your interest. Or you have a killer idea for a club that LU doesn’t currently have yet. Here’s the good news: you’re in luck.

ANY student can start a club at Lakehead if they have ten signatures from peers who would be interested in a membership within the club. Upon gathering your list of supporters, the next steps are easy to do and are all clearly outlined in the online application found on the Lakehead Student Union website! Just follow the link here.

Things to consider before starting the application include: creating a club name, an acronym, a purpose, and club officers (usually President, Secretary, and Treasurer). Before you know it, you will be well on your way to establishing a unique and new opportunity for your fellow Thunderwolves to dip their paws into.

LUSU offers many different centres on campus for student to use such as the Aboriginal Awareness Centre, Gender Equity Centre, Sustainability Initiative, Food Bank, Pride Central and the Multicultural Centre. Each centre is open to all students and they are always looking for volunteers to help with centre events.

Getting involved on campus can look different for different people. If the club scene isn’t your thing, there is an abundance of intramural sports teams that run either by semester or year-round for anyone to participate in. Among those offered are co-ed volleyball, basketball, flag football and Ultimate Frisbee. The fall and year-long registration has already begun online.

For some, being a Thunderwolf and appreciating the Lakehead University culture can be as simple as grabbing coffee in The Study, heading to the library on quiet weekends (and hopefully scoring a booth) or actively participating in the classroom. There are countless ways to be a proud Thunderwolf and everyone at The Argus hopes that you find your niche this school year!