Argus Music Feature: Starless

Band seeks to create a unique artistic identity for the community

By Kaelen Pelaia, Staff Writer


With the recent emergence of several talented local bands here in Thunder Bay, nightlife in downtown Port Arthur has grown more and more exciting for university and college students. One of these up-and-coming groups is local rock band, Starless.

Formed in 2015 by local students Nick Michieli, Matthew Bradica, Christian Scalese, and recently Andrew Pettenuzzo, Starless is a rock band with heavy mystic and progressive undertones. The band has been a common sight at Black Pirate’s Pub in the last few years, wowing crowds with their excellent showmanship, self-aware sense of humor, and mesmerizing performances.

“We took a short break from playing shows for a few months, but we’re playing more often now,” Michieli, the band’s bassist and vocalist says. “We have some new stuff to perform that we’re really stoked about.”

“Our music is all about emotional connection. We want to make sure people are enjoying themselves and that we connect at a personal level with the audience,” he adds. Starless is already known for its unconventional approach to the rock genre, using the form as a means to make a unique place for themselves.

“I’d say our music is all about introspection,” Michieli says. “But of course, I can’t really say for sure because any interpretation of what someone else does is gonna be different, so what we do is going to be very different for everyone.”

“When you create something, like at that point in time, you’re purging an emotion, and what you create is going to be reminiscent of that,” Michieli continues. The band’s emotionally charged sets are more than proof of this philosophy, combining soul-searching senses of wonder and mysticism with a cathartic release.

The band has made strong connections with other local rock bands, such as Page 38 and Visual Past, all of which are well-known in the downtown music scene, which has begun to flourish in recent years. Local artists are becoming more and more prominent and the effect on the music scene in downtown Port Arthur is palpable.

“We support anyone who’s also doing this,” Michieli says. “Everyone has something they need to say, and I think that should be encouraged. When you see someone else you know expressing themselves with music or art or writing, there’s just so much more of a personal connection.”

The band uses their music to emphasize their support for and connection to the local music industry and want to create a unique and personal artistic identity not just for themselves, but for the community as a whole. “There’s no bad intentions out there; ideally you could go out every night of the week, and there’s like eight music groups playing and people dancing, people showing off their art, but unfortunately,” Michieli laughs, “we haven’t got there yet.”

Make sure to check out Starless on October 4th at 7 pm at the Apollo in downtown Port Arthur and keep a look out for their first single release coming out mid-October. You can keep up with the band’s exploits and news on Facebook and instagram (@starlessband_).