The Argus Reviews: Cambrian Improv Players

Caution: contains mature content

By Savanah Tillberg, Arts and Culture Editor

Several brave souls took to the Finlandia stage this past Saturday September 23rd to participate in Cambrian Players Improv Club’s (CPIC) first improv comedy night of the season. CPIC is a division of the local arts company, Cambrian Players, which meets once a week to participate in recreational improv comedy. The group is open to members of the community who are interested in improv comedy and does not require individuals to have any experience. The group encourages people to come out and participate or watch to  promote meeting new people, sharing skills and having a good time while preforming improv comedy.

PC Cambrian Players Improv

The theme of the show was  “superheroes” and each member of the club portrayed the identity of a unique hero for the night. Some of the heroes featured in the show included “Iron Man” (not the marvel character…), “iWonder Woman, and “Backwards Man”.  Despite the super hero theme not all the scenes from the show were superhero related. The show was reliant on audience suggestions for scenes and themes to set the stage for the actors to demonstrate their improv skills. The audience was made up of a wide range of age groups, however, their suggestions usually related back to… let’s say “mature content.” The actors rolled with (almost) anything that was suggested and somehow managed to keep the stories light and definitely kept most of the audience in stitches.

Given it was their first performance, the show quality will only improve from here. There will be two more performances in this series and the next one is scheduled for October 28th at 8pm at the Finlandia Hall. The shows are 19+ and the bar opens at 7:30pm (yep, they mix improv with booze), so grab some friends and make a night out of it. After enjoying some local comedy head out to one of the many restaurants or pubs in the area of a late dinner or snack.

If you’re not into improv comedy but still love the theatre, Cambrian players has several plays coming up this season as well. Mom’s Gift, directed by Beverly Gravelle-MacLeod, will be premiering in November, Almost, Main, directed by Julie MacCoy will premiere in May, and the first ever full production of Hamlet to be performed in Thunder Bay, directed by Eva Burkowski, will premiere in February. Cambrian Players has a full itinerary this season and there is sure to be something suitable for everyone.

For more information on ways to get involved with Cambrian Players or their improv team visit their website.