The Argus Review: We Will Rock You

A tale of time, space, and rock n’ roll

By Savanah Tillberg, Arts and Culture Editor


Have you ever considered what a completely digitized world—deprived of music, soul, and individuality—would look like? Look no further and let The Magnus Theatre Company give you a glimpse of the iPlanet in their new production We Will Rock You.

PC Sarah McPherson

Directed by Thom Currie and written by Ben Elton, We Will Rock You is set in the future on “the iPlanet, formally referred to as Earth,” and follows the courageous Galileo Figaro (Adam Charles) and his sassy partner Scaramouche (Jessica Cox) as they try to find their place in a world full of thoughtless conformists. The iPlanet is controlled by the half-cyborg known as Killer Queen who is determined to rob the world of all creativity and only Galileo and his creative mind can stop her. Galileo and Scaramouche find themselves in a bohemian haven, known as the Hard Rock Café, where they meet other “rebels” who ban together against all odds to restore rock-and-roll to the iPlanet. The production follows a classic “hero’s journey” outline that highlights the triumphs and struggles of Galileo and his friends while trying to break out of the social norm.

This satirical musical exclusively features the works of Queen and showcases a crew of talented actors, dancers, and singers. Despite the difficulty level of the songs featured in the show, the actors performed them with ease and style—their talent leaving the audience awe-struck. Behind the set, a band played live music to accompany the actor’s vibrant voices. Mark Soderlind (guitar), Chris Plater (drums), and Dan Zadkovich’s (bass) combined musical stylings were just as flawless and dramatic as the original works of Queen. The live music added a sincere quality to the production which complimented the character’s goals.

PC Sarah McPherson

We Will Rock You is filled with witty dialogue, playful character relationships, and an overall quirky quality to the story.  The story draws parallels, albeit exaggerated, from our modern technological world and uses them to reinforce the importance of the arts and creativity in an exceedingly technologically involved world. In addition to the “save-the-world” aspect of the show, We Will Rock You is filled with raunchy comedy and sexual tension that had the entire audience bursting with laughter. The show’s uplifting tone is set through a combination of the character’s vehement actions and brief moments of insanity, which ultimately result in an engaging and comical story.

PC Sarah McPherson

The show premiered on September 7th and performances ran until September 30th with almost sold out shows every night. If you missed We Will Rock You but want to see some Magnus talent for yourself, you can find dates, times and purchase tickets for their upcoming productions on their website.