Netflix and…studying?

Lakehead’s ‘Binge List’ for the fall reading week

Compiled by Savanah Tillberg, Arts and Culture Editor

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With Reading Week just around the corner, students everywhere are frantically writing lists of things that they NEED to get done to catch up on school work. From encroaching assignments, to neglected readings, and everything in between, most students probably have an overwhelming list of tasks to tackle during the 9-day break from classes. It’s also Thanksgiving weekend, so on top of school work there are family obligations to uphold and turkeys to eat.

So, how does the average student handle all that stress? The most likely game plan consists of avoiding all of that stress and work by binge-watching Netflix all week.

If you feel like you’ve watched everything there is to see on Netflix, you’re probably wrong. There are hundreds of movies and shows to watch, so it’s nearly guaranteed (unless you really are a professional Netflixer) that you’ve missed something. With that being said, The Argus has compiled a cross-section of what some students feel are binge-worthy series for over the break (or for the rest of the year).



These are the kinds of shows that you actively make fun of in front of your friends but secretly you’ve seen every episode at least twice. They generally involve several hunky-but-too-old-to-be-playing-this-character leads and some sort of love triangle (or octagon). Here’s a few shows that are sure to satisfy your need for cringe-worthy drama and romance:


The Vampire Diaries (By Katie Davidson, Contributor)

This television series goes through the dramatic and suspenseful lives of what it’s like to be a teenage vampire in love. Elena Gilbert loses everything that’s going good for her and has to find a way to overcome all her obstacles with the help of the Salvatore brothers. Which brother she chooses to love in the end? Watch and find out…

Jane the Virgin (By Savanah Tillberg, Arts and Culture Editor)

Jane is a 20-something student teacher who is saving herself for marriage. Her world gets turned upside down when she gets accidentally-artificially-inseminated with her boss’s sperm.This is just the first event to start a domino effect of unbelievable trials for Jane and her family. All three seasons of this telenovela have drama, love, loss and tons of humor demanding investment from its viewers.

The Last Kingdom (By Evan Fiorito, Contributor)

The Last Kingdom is a historical drama set in 9th century AD Britain. The story follows that of Uhtred, a royal from North Umbria who is the heir to Bebbanburg. Uhtred’s father and other noblemen were killed when Danish invaders arrive to start their conquest of Britain. Uhtred, who followed his father into battle, is captured at a young age by the Viking Earl Ragnar. First as a slave, Uhtred eventually earns trust and love from his capturers, until Ragnar frees him and takes him in as a son, along with a fellow Saxon slave girl named Brida. Tragedy strikes and the pair are thrown into a dark world. They journey to clear their names, as well as retake the lands of Bebbanburg to which he is heir.

Medici: Masters of Florence (By Tamara Spence, Editor in Chief)

In only one season spanning eight episodes, Medici: Masters of Florence takes you on a rollercoaster ride through 15th century Italy. The story follows the lives of the two Medici brothers, Cosimo and Lorenzo, and their struggle to maintain both peace and power in their beloved city of Florence. Viewers will quickly be drawn into the lives of the diverse characters as they persevere through love,war, hope, and despair. This is definitely more captivating than your average history class, but still presents a realistic and, to a degree, historically accurate representation of life in an era vastly removed from our own.

Suits (By Savanah Tillberg, Arts and Culture Editor)

Suits follows badass lawyer Harvey Spector and his smartass side-kick Mike Ross. Together they turn the world of corporate law upside down, but all the while protégé Mike Ross has a secret that could put everyone he loves at risk.This law-drama is fast paced,full of content and destined to make your favourites list in no time.


Crime and mystery

If you love being constantly surprised or enjoy a mild thrill (without being afraid to go to sleep at night) you’re probably a fan of the crime and mystery genre. Check out these magically mystifying student suggestions.


Luther (By Kealen Pelaia, Staff Writer)

A thrilling BBC crime series in the same vein as Sherlock and True Detective, Luther stars Idris Elba as the titular John Luther, a genius-level murder detective with an impulsive and unethical methodology. Luther employs many questionable tactics to secure the arrests of vile criminals ranging from serial murderers to cannibal kidnappers, all the while wrestling with the demons in his own mind. Luther’s obsessive and impulsive nature is the primary source of conflict in this brilliantly produced criminal drama that will leave you always wanting more, especially of critically-acclaimed Idris Elba, who never fails to amaze and impress.

The Keepers (By Sam Mathers, News Editor)

In 1970s Baltimore, a nun is mysteriously murdered. The girls’ school she teaches at is rampant with abuse. A seemingly obvious link, but the school is also run by a priest with a lot of connections. Now, two retired (and frankly, badass) women try to solve the case on their own.

Scream Queens (By Taylor Murphy, Contributor)

Scream Queens is a beloved satire about a sorority house at Wallace university that revolves around the Chanels. As the Chanels flaunt their superiority over the Chanel- pledges with looks and sassy remarks, they become involved in a string of murders while being stalked by the red devil in season one. If you are into movies like sorority row or Halloween, this is the perfect way to binge-watch another comical mystery of who the red devil is as it keeps you guessing of who it could be. It’s fun, out there, laughable and always keeps you guessing as you watch your beloved celebrities go about their daily lives of typical teenagers.


Conspiracy Theories

Alternatively, if you want your mind to be blown, check out this series that has got everyone talking…


Black Mirror (By Katie Zugic, Media Assistant)

Now on its 4th season, Black Mirror is a dark, dystopic Sci-Fi series with each episode following a completely different storyline. The episodes play around the central tenet of the unexpected and twisted consequences of technological innovation on society—feeding your inner conspiracy theorist and making you think twice about the black mirrors you stare at everyday.


While this is just a small list of some of LU’s students’ favourite shows, we hope that you find something on here that’s worthy of spending (or maybe wasting) a large portion of your reading week on!