The Argus Playlist: Podcasts 

By Geena Mortfield, Copy Editor

This week, the recommended listening from The Argus is featuring something a little different: the podcast. A modern take on the 1930s radio talk show, podcasts are convenient, affordable, and offer a plethora of genres and topics to choose from. Listening to a podcast is a wonderful way to learn, laugh, or contemplate about almost anything, even if you’re just doing laundry or commuting to class. So, I’m sharing the podcasts that are on my current rotation. Look for these podcasts on Spotify, iTunes, or Google Play Music. I hope that you are able find something on this list worthy of a listen, whether you are new to the world of podcasts or are already an avid podcast listener looking to diversify your routine.

PC: Sarah McPherson

The Daily

If it’s a weekday morning, you can bet you’ll hear The Daily echoing from my kitchen as I’m making breakfast. Hosted by Michael Barbaro of The New York Times, new episodes are released by 6am every weekday morning. Each episode  provides everything you need to know from the daily news in 20 minutes. This podcast quickly became one of my personal favourites for its ability to always  make telling a small story somehow end up exposing a larger one. Plus, it makes you feel like you’re actually (sort of) keeping on top of what’s happening in the world.

99% Invisible

This one is especially for the detail-oriented. 99% Invisible operates on the premise that design is everywhere in the world. From kids on milk cartons, to Spanish lotteries, to computer algorithms, it offers a closer, focused story of something that’s often overlooked and then ends up saying something about the larger world. I like 99% Invisible for those times when I feel I need to take some time to re-focus. The episodes are sort of similar to a mindfulness exercise: just focusing on the breath ends up treating the whole body.

PC: Sarah McPherson

Crime Town

I’m not quite finished season 1 of this podcast series yet, but I have a feeling I’ll be awaiting season 2. Every season of Crime Town documents the ways organized crime has affected and shaped a particular American town. What’s really interesting about this podcast is that it doesn’t focus on a single narrative, rather it brings together interrelated characters and events to create a larger picture of crime and corruption in Providence, Rhode Island. In other words, this is no audio version of Law & Order. Crime Town episodes are fairly short but very captivating, so they’re good for those well-intentioned study “breaks” that end up a little bit longer than you planned…


This podcast describes itself as exploring the “hidden side of everything” and that’s probably the best way to describe it! I’d recommend this one if you’re looking for a podcast that will invite you to think about everyday things in a different way, while still being entertained. It adds a perspective outlook and puts insightful ideas on everyday phenomena that we often consider to be irrelevant. Listening to this podcast is a sure way to feed your brain, even when you’re just folding socks.

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

I have tried to listen to countless self-improvement, personal development, or motivational podcasts and have always found them to be cheesy, boring, or both. But this one is different. Each piece is short and actually offers insight into tiny steps you can take to make improvements in your habits and your life. I usually listen to this on a Sunday morning while ensconced on my living room couch, sorting through my assignments and tasks for the upcoming week.