The Argus Tries It: Bounce Protein Balls

Tasty, trendy, and Canadian – what’s not to love?

By: Kaelen Pelaia, Staff Writer

Bounce protein balls are a Canadian-made energy snack designed to help control appetite and provide ample energy, with minimal caloric intake. The Bounce company was launched in 2004 by Canadian couple, Paula and Andy Hannagan. Before founding their business, Paula and Andy worked as a personal trainer and a life coach respectively. The couple strives to maintain quality products that they can be proud of and note that they never envisioned their little company to become as big as it has.

Bounce produces several healthy food products, including the aforementioned Bounce Balls, as well as Bounce Bites and Pick N Mix. All of these products are available for purchase from a majority of Canadian retailers, including the Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, and other big-name chains. Bounce products come in a variety of flavours, from coconut-lemon to spirulina-ginseng.

The standard caloric intake from a bounce ball is between 150-200 calories, with 19g of total carbohydrates and 9g of protein – enough to serve as a filling breakfast or quick lunch. The balls themselves are rather small – only 42g total – but packed with nutritious energy and a great taste. Plus, there’s 11 unique flavours, so there’s something for everyone.

They make for good bring-along snacks to take on the go for workday, a day of classes, a hike, or whatever it is you like to go and do. Not only are Bounce Balls convenient, they also complement a healthy diet, by and providing an efficient source of energy for a busy lifestyle. These little snacks are a sensation at our office, with several Argus staff members already on the Bounce bandwagon.

This week it was my mission to try two of the flavours: orange cocoa and apple cinnamon. Granted, I found that the energy bars had a taste very similar to a Cliff bar – but their size and compactness won them some big points from me. The orange-cocoa- flavoured bar tastes a lot like a chocolate-orange (like the ones people put in stockings!) and the apple-cinnamon- flavoured one tasted like a slice of apple pie (minus the guilt). For me, the apple cinnamon -flavoured ball was the overall winner, but there is a huge variety of flavours to try, so there’s sure to be one that suits your taste (the cacao mint flavour seems especially promising)!

Overall, I found the energy balls to be satisfying and tasty (and I’m not usually one to indulge in such items). I would definitely recommend them to people who are looking for healthy on-the-go snacks. In the process, you’ll also be supporting a Canadian company – a double win!

In the modern age of health-focused ‘superfoods’, the Bounce protein ball is a tasty and trendy way to enrich your diet and stay healthy. Look for them at your local grocery stores, and “Bounce” your way into healthy living!