T-Shirt Philosophy (Life and Death of a Revolution)

By Holly Haggarty

T-shirt opium:

One size fits all.

If you can’t read, just look at the art.

Can you read Braille?

Wanna rent this space?  Call me.

T-shirt uprising:

Made in China.  Printed in English.  World-wide sell-out.

No free ads here!

I’ve been put through the ringer long enough!

This shirt has two left sleeves. Where’s my rights?

T-shirt protest:

I won’t cotton to this anymore!

Occupy your own t-shirt.

Theirs more of us than youse.

T-shirt talk-back:

JUST try to mistrEAT MY SHIrT!

T-shirt action:


You can’t erase me.  I’m indelible!

Look around.  It’s a t-shirt flash-mob!

Take this!

T-shirt ideology:

One t-shirt.  One message.

Revolution, a line at a time.

Feudalism > Capitalism > Marxism > Attention! economy

Look at me!

T-shirt axiom:

I quip therefore I ham.

T-shirt enigma:

If no one reads me, do I exist?

T-shirt teleology:

Where do t-shirts go when they dye?

T-shirt epitaph:

The t is dead.  Long live the T!

PC: Sarah McPherson