The Argus Playlist 

Everything is always about Love, geez

By Jaina Kelly, Staff Writer

When I was a kid, I remember my dad whining about how every single popular song on the radio was about love. Well, I for one, believe there’s a reason for that! What gets us more caught up in our creation-mind-set than a little romance (or heartbreak depending on your situation)? This playlist is jam-packed with talented musicians producing masterpieces that detail the joy, passion, and sorrow of love. Every song is guaranteed to tug a heartstring. Take special notice of Canada’s own Daniel Caesar while listening to this playlist. He’s a breakout artist about to make it big with his new album entitled, “Freudian.” Also found in this lineup is Canadian gem, Andy Shauf, with a track off his mind-blowing orchestra infused album “The Party.” Give these tear-jerking tunes a listen:


  1. Get You – Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis
  2. Marinade – Dope Lemon
  3. The Worst In You – Andy Shauf
  4. Dear To Me – Electric Guest
  5. Hold Me Down – Daniel Caesar
  6. Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby – Cigarettes After Sex
  7. LOVE. – Kendrick Lamar ft. Zacari
  8. Across The Room – ODESZA ft. Leon Bridges
  9. You & Me (Disclosure Remix) – Flume
  10. Parking Lot – Anderson Paak