(Not) Home for the Holidays

Stuck in Thunder Bay this holiday break? No problem

By: Brandy Bond, Staff Writer

Although it can be difficult being away from friends and family over the holidays, there are many things in the community students can do to keep themselves busy! Both  the Lakehead campus and the Thunder Bay community have many sites to see and various winter and holiday activities for students.

Whether you are a student who wants to have the full Christmas experience or one who misses the smells of a home cooked meal, then this is the event for you. The international student lounge is holding their “home for the holidays” event which is taking place on the 24th, 25th and 26th of December. The home for holidays event allows international students to take part in a Christmas dinner provided by faculty members. The event requires that students and faculty members sign up at the International Student Centre (ISC). After signing up, the ISC matches up students with faculty members based on proximity, as well as the faculty member’s ability to provide specific dietary needs for the student. Not only is this event a nice way to connect students with faculty, but it’s a free and accessible activity for all international students to take part.

For international and domestic students who are looking for ways to kill some time, there are also many other holiday activities offered on and off campus. If you love going outside and don’t mind the cold weather, Thunder Bay has a lot to offer. There are plenty of hiking opportunities  in the area as well as many free public skating rinks around town, one of which can be found at the waterfront Marina. The park is easily accessible by bus from the university for those who live on campus and don’t drive.

If you’ve discovered your sense of adventure this holiday break and you want to give more extreme winter sports a try, then head to Loch Lomond Ski Area. Loch Lomond provides many exciting winter activities for anyone of any skill level. The sports and activities they offer include skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. The option to rent skis and boots is also available to those who don’t have their own equipment. Overall, Loch Lomond is an exciting and relatively affordable option for students who want to get outside and be active. Just note that there are no bus routes to the ski hill, so arranging your own transportation is a must.

While getting outside can be very fun and exciting it’s also nice to be able to keep yourself busy within the comfort and warmth of the indoors. Thankfully, Thunder Bay offers a wide variety of activities to do inside as well. Check out some local cuisine, or grab a nice cup of hot chocolate at one of our many lovely cafés. Thunder Bay even has an all-inclusive indoor rock climbing gym! Whether you love getting outside or prefer to stay indoors, Thunder Bay has plenty for you to do this holiday break.