Shut Down in America

Government shuts down on the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration

Jaina Kelly, Staff Writer

From Saturday January 20th until Monday January 22nd, the United States government was temporarily shut down. This happened as a result of tension between Democrats and Republicans after failed attempts to compromise on an omnibus bill.

The Argus spoke to Political Science professor Dr. Doug West on the Orillia campus about why the government shuts down in these types of circumstances. He explained that in order for money bills to be passed, there needs to be co-operation between Republicans and Democrats. Specifically, 60 votes are needed to pass any money related legislation. This means that Republicans must do some convincing to get Democrats to agree with their proposed policies.

PC: Kevin Lamarque, Reuters

Naturally, Democrats took the opportunity to negotiate. They demanded that before they voted, there needed to be some new action on protecting the DACA policy. DACA stands for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”, and it’s an immigration policy that offers opportunities to people who illegally arrived in the U.S. as children.  According to records, the program had 800,000 people enrolled before Trump made the decision to rescind it.

It’s no surprise that Donald Trump continues to fight for anti-immigration policies, still swinging with the momentum of his populist platform. His “America First” politics has always been a thinly veiled call for “White People First.” This was solidified in his recent public encouragement of Scandinavian immigrants. Indeed, encouraging his idea of a ‘white demographic’ to emigrate, while consequently proclaiming the need for a wall around the Mexico border, demonstrates the racist double standard on which all of Trump’s policies are founded.

Since his inauguration, deportations by ICE have been occurring all over the States. Many people now fear for their lives, despite having lived in the US for decades. In the current situation, it’s unlikely that a good resolution will be found for DACA recipients. A platform based on racism and fear mongering will not apply the necessary reasoning needed to support illegal immigrants. The government shutdown was only a temporary response, and now both sides must re-evaluate their proposed bills. The next slated day for negotiation is February 8th, leaving only a few weeks for new negotiations and new decisions.

This is the fourth temporary movement to date since Trump was elected last year. The other temporary movements have appeared, as well, around issues of immigration, specifically the Travel Ban, which aimed to block Muslim individuals from immigrating to the States. After two blocked revisions, the Travel Ban was finally accepted by the Supreme Court and currently remains a legal ban on any travelers arriving from Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Somalia or Yemen.

Comedian and late night host Seth Meyers summed up the latest U.S. government blunder in his A Closer Look segment, saying “this weekend’s shutdown was a microcosm of the Trump presidency: a president with no guiding principles and no knowledge of policy, flailing wildly, relegated to making cartoonish demands from the sidelines while everyone else scrambles to make it work.”