Argus Art Contribution

The Face of Laughter By: droedelaer

Ghent, Belgium

The name droedelaer comes from the Dutch word droedelen, which means to doodle. I chose droedelaer because you pronounce ‘aer’ the same as you pronounce art in French. Dutch and French are the main languages in Belgium.  ‘droedelaer’ kind of means ‘the art of doodling’.

droedelaer started out as some random scribbles on a piece of paper. I started doing this back in 2010 (I was about 14 years old at the time). Fellow students always looked at me strangely when I would sit in class, scribbling in my agenda and workbooks instead of doing my mathematics exercises or conjugating my French verbs. From these scribbles I would make shapes, faces, and monsters, etc.

Without even noticing, I found out (someone pointed it out to me) that from these scribbles I was creating drawings that were heavily influenced by my emotional state.  When I was angry, unbeknownst to me, the scribbles I made were hard (almost pressed through the paper), and when I was sad, the faces would have frowns. I started to see these patterns and realized that this was my way to cope with my emotions. In this way, my art is very personal to me. Now eight years later, I’ve started to draw digitally and to share my work on the internet. I stared sharing my drawings because I wanted people to see how I try to visualize my own emotions.

For example: The Face of Laughter is a piece that shows how,  as humans, we sometimes interact with one another by smiling on the outside, but feeling ill on the inside. Looking happy, but feeling miserable.