Letter to the Editor

Where are the people we pay?


My name is XXXXXX. I have been a student at Lakehead University since 2014 and have paid thousands of dollars in student fees to LUSU. What I am writing to you about today, is of a problem that myself and many other students have been experiencing these past couple years: where are the people we pay a great deal of money to be our representatives?

At the first failed attempt at an AGM this year, where was the Finance Officer? Where was the President?

Having been a student in need more often than I care to admit, I’ve sought assistance from the numerous centres run by LUSU – the Food Bank, the Gender Equity Centre, Sustainability, Pride—only find that often these offices are either closed or their managers are not there. But I will admit that these centres are open much more often than the executive offices. In addition, many of the centres’ managers have told me that their budgets are nowhere near what they should be. So where is all the money that we pay for student fees going?

Having been to the LUSU office a few times a week this past year, I have not been shocked to see that the only people in the office are the front desk attendant, a communications guy, and sometimes the VP Advocacy. Rarely do I see the President or the Finance Officer.

I’ve never really paid much thought to the Reform Alliance, and I still don’t, but maybe they’re right in their claim that we need a more transparent student union. Shouldn’t our executives be in their offices? Even if they aren’t fighting for our rights, like they should be?

Naturally, I am a concerned student. I don’t know how much we pay them, but I’m sure we pay them well – and if they’re not doing their jobs why do we even pay them at all?