A Few Tips, Tricks, and Resources for 2018’s Exam Season

Stay on top of school with this guide to the most stressful time of the year

By Kaelen Pelaia, Staff Writer

As final exams begin to loom overhead, and students start to feel their impending doom… the anxiety that exam season brings is surely present to every student across the country. It can be a lot to deal with final assignments, seminars, and preparing for exams, but luckily for the wayward students of Lakehead University, there are resources at your disposal to not only survive, but thrive.

The university has its very own support structure for students unsure of how to best approach their education. The on-campus Student Success Center is designed to assist students with every part of their post-secondary education, from tips for completing assignments, to assistance in career and future planning once you’ve graduated. Regarding final exams, their website contains two full documents which outline a five-day study strategy and other valuable advice for struggling students. They also offer the services of trained advisors to help tailor a study plan that’s designed at the individual level to foster academic achievement.

PC: pixabay.com

The key to adequate preparation for exams is starting early. I know this goes against most student’s instinct of procrastinating, but giving yourself plenty of time to adequately review and prepare your lecture and reading notes for studying is absolutely essential. According to the LU Student Success Center, five days of advance study are recommended for the best possible retention of knowledge and understanding in the short and long term.

A great way to assist in more memory-dependent studying is to use flash cards with terms and definitions and to try your best to match them together. According to an infographic titled ‘The Significance of Flashcards for Learning,” flashcards utilize a method of active recall that suits human brain functionality far better than rote memorization. Furthermore, it improves metacognition by giving your brain a way to determine how well you know or don’t know an answer. It will then remember this outcome, which will ultimately enhance your understanding of the material.

The website and app “Quizlet” has a free-to-use online flashcard system, along with a variety of other resources for learning, reviewing, and studying. Surveys show that in the United States, 1 in 3 students have used or are currently using Quizlet in their academic careers, so its popular appeal is quite apparent. Besides only using flashcards to help with your studying, Quizlet can formulate quizzes and reviews automatically in order to test your knowledge and take your understanding to the next level.

There are a wide variety of online resources available to you free of charge that a cursory Google search will reveal. However, the most crucial step in succeeding during exams is remaining calm and collected. As long as you can understand that it’s just a long test (and study as much as necessary for the occasion), then once it’s over you’ll feel silly for having worried so much. Good luck this exam season from everyone here at The Argus!