The TBSO Presents Mongrel’s Night Out 

The third and final chapter of the Northern Lights series 

By Savanah Tillberg, Arts and Culture Editor

The Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra gathered at the Italian Cultural Centre once again on Friday, March 23rd for the final installment in their three-part Northern Lights series. The Northern Lights series aims to provide music with a Northern influence for the residents of Thunder Bay in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

The first half of the concert featured an interesting line up of both high energy and mellow pieces. As of late, the TBSO’s concerts have been known for their seemingly unrelated musical selections, yet every concert they’ve performed so far has been deemed an unequivocal success. Having such a wide selection of moods and melodies in each concert has made each show unique and engaging. During the first set, “dancing naked ladies,” (apparently a reoccurring theme in terms of musical inspiration), each song that was performed captured the attention of the audience. Undoubtedly, heads could be seen nodding and swaying during Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1 in C major, a tune that most will have heard in at least one movie during their lifetime.

PC: Savanah Tillberg

The Mongrel’s Night Out concert featured “Latin guitar virtuoso,” by Scott Hill following the intermission. Hill is a member of Alturas Duo, a chamber music performing duo who fuse South American folk with traditional and new classical music. Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Hill has performed throughout Europe, South, North, and Central America.

Hill combined his Latin influenced guitar playing with the sounds of the Orchestra for a five-piece set. Each song seemed to build off of the themes of the last while still being maintain a unique sound. It was clear while watching the conductor and musicians that every single person involved was having a blast with the musical selections.

Mongrel’s Night Out and other similar concerts exist to aid in bridging the gap between people who listen to classical music. The casual atmosphere and comfortable accepting ambiance that these concerts provide allow people from all walks of life to come and enjoy the music. Tickets for various TBSO events are available at discounted rates for students, seniors, and recent graduates under age 30.

Although this was the last of the Northern Lights series, the TBSO has several different concerts coming up before the end of their season in April, including a special performance at Fort William First Nation on April 9th, 2018. Students can also look forward to Live @ The Hangar on April 14TH, 2018. Live @ The Hangar is a follow up show to the sold-out event that took place at the Shipyard last year. This event is will feature popular (and danceable) pop hits and various vocal performances all accompanied by the TBSO. This event is expected to sell out quickly, so be sure to grab your tickets online or by calling 626-TBSO.