The Argus Artist Feature: Alexa Bohemier

By Kaelen Pelaia, Staff Writer

Thunder Bay is full to the brim with beautiful people and beautiful nature – a fact most represented in our local artistry. The works of local artists have deep roots in the natural beauty of both people and land, and this couldn’t be more evident than in the work of local artist, Alexa Bohemier. Bohemier was born and raised in Thunder Bay is currently studying General Arts at Lakehead. She has had her work displayed at local shops and venues, had her own T-shirt designs printed, and even had some of her pieces displayed on-campus and at local high schools.

“I’ve had [one of my pieces] shown in the high-school and university art shows but I haven’t done anything since then. I’ve done some logos and t-shirt designs in the past as well but nothing major since then. I hope to focus more on my art during the summer and get it shown somewhere in town,” She says.

PC: Alexa Bohemier Creative Designs

Bohemier’s work is full of motion and colour, often focusing on the beauty that can be found in the natural and pure aspects of humanity and nature. “I am constantly inspired by nature as well as all of the forms of art (music, film, etc) in my daily life. Lately, I’ve been extremely inspired by the human body, specifically the female form and femininity, which is reflected strongly in my work.”

Art always carries a message from the artist to the beholder, and Bohemier’s work is no exception. “Lately I’ve been trying to convey messages focusing of female empowerment. My pieces have been surrounding over the de-sexualization of the naked body. I do this through using bright colours and intertwining different female figures with nature to show that we’re all products of nature and we shouldn’t be ashamed of ourselves.” Bohemier also intends to declare her major in gender studies in the upcoming academic year to further her understanding of human sexuality.

PC: Alexa Bohemier Creative Designs

Bohemier is passionate about her work: “Art truly means the world to me”, she explains. “Art is creativity itself as well as the natural beauty in everything. Art to me means that it is a place of no judgement and freedom that anyone can participate in.”

Be sure to check out Alexa’s instagram (@alexa_bohemier) for some breathtaking photography and to check out her more recent pieces. She is just one example of the thriving local art scene in Thunder Bay, and her work is an example of the best Thunder Bay has to offer.