Five Clubs You Should Know About

From medieval combat to yoyo-ing, these clubs are sure to enhance your experience on campus

By: Taylor Onski, Contributor

It can be daunting to decide which extracurricular clubs to join. Do you pick your major’s club or the one your friends are in? To ease that stress, here are five Lakehead clubs you should join (that you may not have heard about):

1. Shelter House Volunteering Group

The Shelter House Volunteering Group’s (SHVG) President, Madison Sameshima, organizes biweekly trips to the Shelter House where students prepare and serve dinner. “There is a huge volunteer culture in Thunder Bay,” says Sameshima, who ensures Lakehead students can “come together, volunteer together, learn more about Thunder Bay, meet new people, and enjoy their time at Lakehead” while volunteering at the Shelter House. Keep an eye out on March 12th and 13th, 2019 for the SHVG’s end of year burger fundraiser. Email to start or continue your volunteer journey.

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2. The Belegarth Medieval Combat Society of Lakehead University

The Belegarth Medieval Combat Society of Lakehead University brings medieval history to life outside of social science classes! Members gather at the Hangar to safely reenact medieval combat from sword fighting, armour building, and shield yielding. Belegarth is an inclusive environment founded on a shared love of medieval history and combat, physical activity, and meeting new people. Contact club President, James Peake at, or sign up to their Facebook group, Warriors of Thunder Guard and try wielding a sword for yourself.

3. Lakehead Campus Lions

Lakehead Campus Lions (LCL), “piggybacks on Lions Club International” (LCI): an international organization responding to local and global needs. President Dhaval Thanki’s recent fundraiser to distribute winter clothing in Thunder Bay extends LCL’s goal to encourage members to give back to the community as best they can. “Your work in this club is not bound by Lakehead borders” states Thanki. An LCL membership on your resume can lead you to become a Lion after leaving Lakehead. Interested in becoming a lifelong Lion? Email

4. Drama Club

Jo Steffens always loved drama; but with no available programs at Lakehead, decided to create the Drama Club. “It is a great outlet for anyone interested in drama” says Steffens, “we mostly play acting games that help us get out of our comfort zones and hone our acting abilities.” Steffens ensures club members are always having fun “while developing their acting abilities.” To expand not just your acting skills, but also your critical thinking and confidence, email or stop by RC 1001 on Saturdays at 1:00 pm to partake in the class.

5. Lakehead University Prime Power Yo-Yo Club

Feng Guo started the Lakehead University Prime Power Yo-Yo Club to introduce his love for yoyo-ing to Lakehead students. “We meet, play, and teach each other new tricks” says Guo, who wishes to teach students hand extreme sports such as yoyo-ing, Kendama, and magic cube. This club will help anyone improve their hand eye coordination as yoyo-ing is “good training for the hands and eyes.” Guo sees yoyo-ing as a source of confidence, as he himself gained confidence by performing yo-yo tricks onstage. Email to start your yoyo-ing journey.

Sameshima offers this advice to LU students: “Lakehead is not just about the classes. Clubs feed this awesome community and will help you build skills that can be used outside the classroom.”