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The Latest News According to LU: On Marijuana Legalization

Compiled By: Sam Mathers, Editor-in-Chief

PC Robert F. Bukaty, Canadian Press/AP

“I do think that marijuana legalization is a good thing because it’ll destigmatize users and those who use it for a more holistic purpose… I think [the government] did an okay job. It seemed kind of rushed, but overall I think legalization is a good thing; what the federal Liberals could do is a pardon on pre-existing drug offenses, non-violent drug offenses.”

            – Nigel Van Teeffelen, Psychology and Philosophy Student


“I think [charges of] under 30 grams cleared, because that’s the law now, right? Over 30 grams is like, a lot of weed. If you have over an ounce, it’s like, maybe something’s up – is that your personal stash anymore?”

            – Bryn Doering, Nursing Student


“It’s decriminalizing and destigmatizing as well, plus it’s better for you than a lot of other substances that people are using anyway.”

            – Hannah Viau, English and History Student



“I guard at the pool and on the day of legalization the ladies at Aqua Fit were talking about [it] – and maybe they’ll try it now. I think it is a positive step because for some people it doesn’t really change anything but for a lot of people it opens up that door… I do also think that it’s a little bit concerning that there are no breathalyzers for marijuana. I kind of hate to make that comment… it is a fair point, if we can’t persecute people for driving while high, that is going to cause danger and people will die as a result of it.”

            – Kat Day, Nursing Student


“For me it’s more the political issue of people being [convicted] of felonies and then having criminal records and then they can’t find jobs, and then they’re stigmatized, and they can’t do this and that because they have this petty criminal record of carrying a joint around.”

            – Roberto Vasquez, Nursing Student


“It was happening anyways, so why not make it legal?”

            – Anonymous


“I think it’s a good thing because it generates a lot of business opportunities and marijuana itself is not really a detrimental drug in my opinion – I don’t see how it’s any worse than alcohol, so I’m all for it… I think [the government rollout] was pretty sloppy, I’m not going to lie…I know a lot of people who’ve ordered through the OCS haven’t gotten any product really, [with the] Canada Post strike and just high demand overall.”

            – Lucas Holmes, Accounting Student