Familiar Faces: Thunder Bay

Meet Severin Lai, Barista at The Study

By: Sam Mathers, Editor-in-Chief

PC – Sarah McPherson

The Argus: How long have you worked here?

Severin Lai: This is my third year.


A: What is rewarding about your job?

SL: A lot of stuff actually. It’s just a super fun job with really cool coworkers so that is a big plus. I mean I get to meet a lot of really cool people around campus as well, plenty of profs, plenty of students. You talk to all of them. You hear a whole bunch of random goings-on throughout the day, so that’s pretty sweet. And you get to make a bunch of smiling faces because people love coffee.


A: What is challenging about your job?

SL: Customer service, like in any job. It can be pretty tough because you can get pretty rude people at times. People don’t understand certain aspects of the job, so they’ll get mad at you for taking too long but if you’re the only person working and there’s a thirty-person line, then that happens, right? It’s just inevitable.


A: You’ve kind of touched on this, but what is unique about working on a university campus compared to other places you’ve worked?

SL: So yeah, you get to talk to a lot of different people and that’s pretty sweet, but I mean like, university is a centre for knowledge, so a lot of people bring that knowledge to their conversations. I’ve learned about really random, cool stuff because I’ve asked about what people are taking for their classes.


A: What’s your favourite part about Lakehead, specifically?

SL: Probably the campus. I mean, we’ve got plenty to work on, as an actual university, but the campus is just so gorgeous. I don’t even know how much of it is actually just wilderness in the end, probably the majority of it – the actual building aspect is pretty low in comparison. It’s nice to just be able to take walks around campus.


A: Lastly, what would you recommend to people on the menu at The Study?

SL: Lattes are always good. You can’t go wrong with them, they just taste amazing. All of our teas are fantastic as well.