Familiar Faces: Thunder Bay

Meet Lis Boileau, Library Tech


PC – Sam Mathers

By Sam Mathers, Editor-in-Chief


The Argus: How long have you worked here?

Lis Boileau: A year, in this position. I worked evenings before.

A: What is rewarding about your job?

LB: I like being able to help students get the answers to their questions. I like when they come, and they’re frustrated and stressed, and they ask me a question that I’m able to answer and make them less stressed.

A: What’s challenging about it?

LB: Very similar – because we’re a central location and because we can answer a lot of questions we often have people asking questions that we can’t answer and sometimes people come with issues that we can’t solve or we don’t know the answer to and we have send them somewhere else or we just can’t help them and I find that very frustrating, not being able to solve problems.

A: What do you find unique about working on a university campus compared to other jobs you’ve had?

LB: I find that having worked in other service jobs, I find that students and the university community are really wonderful to work with. It seems like people in this community are willing to acknowledge when they don’t know the answer to something and are very open to coming up here and being like, “hey, I don’t know anything about this – can you help me?” and we can work together to find the answer…I think that people are at university to learn and so they are willing to acknowledge when they need to learn, whereas working at say, a retail store, people come in and are like, “why can’t you do this, why don’t you have the answer to this?”

A: What is your favourite thing about Lakehead?

LB: I like how small it is. I like that you have a sense of community and you can see the same faces often over the course of a few years and you really can form relationships with people and that they’re not just faceless numbers.

A: Is there a service the library offers that you think students should know about?

LB: I would say research assistance – I know that’s kind of obvious, but I think people don’t realize they can come to us for anything, from “hey can you help me find this book?” to “hey, I can’t find journal articles, I don’t know how to find the resources that I need to write my paper.” We have in depth meetings with librarians, so they can book appointments online, they just pick the librarian by the subject and then they can meet with them and really get in depth support.