The Word on Self-Care

LU students discuss surviving the end of term, putting yourself first

Compiled by Sam Mathers, Editor-in-Chief

On Surviving the End of Term:

Melanie Hatzidemetriou, Honours Biology student: “We help each other study, we support each other.”

Stephanus Appoh, Business student: “Usually I go to the gym, for one. Two, YouTube videos usually do it, and just hanging out with my friends.”

Brett Easthope, Civil Engineering student: “Just keep busy, keep my head focused on what I’m doing rather than focusing on the stress itself.”

On the Importance of Self-Care:

Sharanya Manickam, Geology student: “Self-care is pretty important because the first person you can love at all is yourself, and once you’re happy everything around you becomes a lot better.”

Nanthini Muthukumaran, Geology student: “You are the only one that can stand for yourself, so I think self [care] is really important.”

MH: “If you’re not taking care of your own sleep, not taking care of yourself, you’re definitely going to get sick, you’re definitely going to struggle through things.”

SA: “[Self-care] is good for your mental state, because if you’re not in the right state you can’t really study and get all the information you need.”

BE: “First and foremost, you have to take care of yourself before taking care of what you’re doing, but I definitely think a lot of people don’t do that.”

Self-Care Tips Worth Sharing:

Scotia Evans, Honours Biology student: “I try to go to bed at a reasonable hour and I find that helps a lot.”

SM: “I listen to really loud music.”

NM: “I read storybooks/novels.”

SA: “Moisturizing in the morning every day, [it] makes me calm as heck.”