In Synch

A look at Lakehead’s newest club sport

By: Derek Patterson, Sports & Recreation Editor


Photo submitted by Lakehead’s Synchronized Swimming team

This fall, Lakehead welcomed its first synchronized swimming team to our expanding list of club sports. For the uninitiated, synchronized swimming is an intense sport combining dancing, swimming and gymnastics to perform a high-octane routine choreographed to music. Teams are usually comprised of 4-10 competitors who must be able to display endurance, flexibility, strength, grace and precise timing all while under water. Routines are performed to a panel of judges who judge according to both technical merit and the team’s artistic impression.


Our 2018-19 synchro team is currently a team of 8 athletes, many of whom have been part of the Thunder Bay synchro community for years. They will be performing in two competitions across Canada this year. First, the team will head off to Eastern Divisionals in Sherbrooke, Québec on January 26th, which will allow them to travel to Ottawa to compete at the Canadian University Artistic Swimming League National Championships during the February 16-17th weekend.  

Our synchro athletes are very proud to represent Lakehead and to be the first synchronized swimming team that the school has ever had. The creation of the new synchro team is expected to attract other students to the school and to the sport. Team member, Eden Mackereth says, “I know that when I was in high school and I was looking at schools, having a synchro team was a big deal. Luckily I now have that opportunity and I’m looking forward to expanding our team.”

In the future, the synchro team is looking to create a novice team for those who have never participated in the sport before. The novice team would not compete, but would learn the basics of synchronized swimming and get the chance to make new friends while getting a killer workout. Those who are interested are encouraged to check out the “LU Synchro Team” on Facebook and contact the coach Lisa Dunville.