2019 LUSU Election: Candidates for President

1. Anthony Aloye Oghieakhe

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Anthony Aloye Oghieakhe. I’m a full-time student in the Master of Business Administration programme (MBA). I have a bachelor’s degree in accounting & chartered as a management accountant in Nigeria. I’m presently a Senator which oversees governance here at Lakehead University & I’ve worked both in the international office and various departments of the Office of Financial services for the past one year and five months, so I understand Lakehead.

Why do you want to be involved in student politics?

I have three values that are the foundation to everything I do.

I’m accountable, approachable and I’m driven. These values have always endeared me to disrupt processes I feel can be much more efficient. That’s why I’m attracted to LUSU. I know can add a lot of value to it. It’s pertinent for me to state too that this is not my first foray into student politics, as I was The Treasurer of The Accounting Students Association during my undergraduate degree where I formed a forensic committee to strengthen the accountability and transparency framework.

What are three main things you hope to accomplish if elected?

I have a 12-point initiative which for now is the foundation of my platform & I sincerely feel none is more paramount than the other, however I’ll stick to the question.

Firstly, I’d like to improve LUSUs accountability and transparency by publishing quarterly reports to communicate & show students what they’re paying for.

Secondly, I’d like to launch the LUSUIsAlive initiative which will drive student engagement. LUSU has failed in this regard, as can be seen from the apathy shown in the last elections where only 15% of the student body participated in the elections. New innovative ways of engaging students must be implemented as it is presently still using relatively ineffective modes of communication and engagement.

Thirdly, I’d like to put more money back in students’ pockets by lowering LUSU Fees. Proper cost benefit analysis must be carried out by LUSU and the student’s voices must be heard on what they choose to pay for. The executive’s voices who have benefitted solely from some of these programs cannot drown out the voices of the students who pay the fees.

To engage and view a more comprehensive tactical breakdown of how I plan to achieve the twelve initiatives, please connect with me, I am constrained on this page to give you all the details.

I want us to engage one on one, issue by issue. I cannot do this alone, together, we are stronger, together, we succeed!!!


Twitter: @Anthony_Aloye_O

Instagram: @Anthony_Aloye_O

Phone Number: +1-807-356-4007


2. Joshua Foster

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Joshua Foster, I am a 4th year Bachelor of Civil Engineering student. I enjoy board games, food and warm weather. In the past year I have been President of the club COLLECTIVE on campus which has provided excellent leadership experience. Also, as an Engineering Faculty recommended tutor, I am consistently challenged to find ways to explain concepts and guide people through various problem-solving strategies. We must all work together to bring Lakehead and LUSU into the future.

Why do you want to be involved in student politics?

I simply desire to make a positive difference in the Lakehead community. There seems to be a sense of apathy and hopelessness around Lakehead, which I hope to alleviate by giving students a voice. The cold, long winters do not help. The news also seems to be filled with stories of student union executives abusing their power, this disregard for honesty and integrity motivates me to try. However, only through cooperation and hard work can we build a brighter future.

What are the three main things you hope to accomplish if elected?

The primary goals:

1. Faculty Code of Conduct – an agreement between the faculty and LUSU about what is expected of them in the academic setting. Such as graded rubrics and respectful behavior.

2. Modernize! – Lakehead is behind in technology, we have whole buildings that lack Wi-Fi, why? Many course outlines still explicitly ban laptops from classrooms when many students use them for note taking. It is time that a Lakehead classroom reflects our future workplace.

3. LUSU Transparency and Integrity – Is LUSU being operated according to our constitution? How did we go most of the school year without a by-election for a new president? To combat this, I plan to hold all LUSU meetings in an open setting such as the Outpost or Agora, while livestreaming them for the world to see.


3. Lucas Livingstone-Sitch

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m a Third-year Philosophy student that’s aspiring to be a lawyer. I want to represent those who feel as though they do not have a voice and stand for those who think they don’t have a leg to stand on. I have experience advocating for individuals in unfortunate circumstances. I’ve fought against individuals who held significant position and status, to assure that individuals were treated correctly. I do not waiver when push comes to shove. Instead, I stand, and I Fight, for everything that I believe in. I fight for what is right.

Why do you want to be involved in student politics?

As I stated at the debate, the question isn’t why I want to be involved, but why I am involved in student politics. And much of the reason overlaps with my previous answer. I’m passionate about equality and fair treatment. I’m determined to right the wrongs of the administration. And above all, I want students to be aware of the TRUE importance that elections such as these hold. I want students to know the decisions that these elected officials are making and the powers they hold over the student body. I want clarity in LUSU. I want the students to identify with the union that they are paying into. I want the students to know what liberties that the union they pay into affords them. And it seems that the best way to have all this become a reality, is to take the issues head-on.

What are three main things you hope to accomplish if elected?

If I’m elected there are several plenty of things that I would hope to accomplish. However, upon election there are things I’d like to prioritize. The foundation of my campaign has been structure and objectivity in marking, so that a student can receive a mark break down for their assignments and this is a objective I will do anything and everything I can to achieve. However, before anything else, I would assure that the budgets and funds are being put into appropriate locations (such as student initiatives and clubs) to allow for the much-needed upkeep and maintenance of student areas. It’s time we get chairs that Don’t hurt our backs if we sit in them for more than twenty minutes. Having now gone through this process myself, I would like to create an ease of access to getting involved with LUSU through the implementation of a ‘task force’ that is not only qualified, but capable of spreading awareness on the importance of our CV.


4. Masoud Manzouri

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am a MSc. Environmental Engineering student involved with student life since I arrived as an international student in 2015. I founded and served as President of the Iranian Club and worked my way up to LUSU’s Multicultural Centre Coordinator last year. In this role, I advocate for international and racialized students and make campus safer and more inclusive for students. I organize and lead staff, campaigns and educational workshops on multiculturalism and collaborate with the greater community, including the Thunder Bay Multicultural Association and the Northern Policy Institute. I also oversee the Student Refugee Program, which brings students from marginalized countries to LU and recently won a national award for programming. Finally, I work with administration on the Advisory Board for Racial Discrimination Committee at the Office of Human Rights and Equity.

Why do you want to be involved in student politics?

I’m involved in student politics because I love advocating for students. I love connecting with people, planning, problem solving and working together towards a common goal. I am passionate about creating an inclusive and comfortable environment for all students by investing in strong social, financial and wellness support programs. Paying international tuition, I understand the financial struggle we all face and the need for each and every cent in LUSU’s budget to provide value and support for our students. I want to use my creativity, leadership skills, openness and work ethic to make LU a better campus.

What are three main things you hope to accomplish if elected?

1. 65%of university students experience Mental Health Issues. I will:

  • Advocate for more funding & resources
  • Improve access to counsellors & online support
  1. Demand more:
  • Student jobs on campus
  • Student space and autonomy for Orillia
  • Career opportunities for LU graduates
  • Appreciation from the greater community
  • Access to the Outpost and Study for student activities
  1. Make LU Greener
  • Distribute reusable water bottles & ban plastic disposables


All candidates were asked the same three questions. Photos, candidate profiles and responses and were provided to The Argus by the candidates via Chief Returning Officer, Scott Klassens. They appear in the order they were sent and have not been edited.