2019 LUSU Election: Candidates for VP Operations & Finance

1. Farhan Yousaf

The Argus has not received a response to the provided questions from Farhan Yousaf. His candidate profile has been published instead.

Accomplishments to date:

  1. Booster Juice at the outpost. Added more revenue to the outpost.
  2. Starting this September $10,000 will be injected into new bursaries for students to access across BOTH Campuses.
  3. Made the child care bursary more accessible to students with over $5,000 available to access across BOTH Campuses.
  4. Secured over $6000 in the past year alone for Foodbanks on BOTH campuses through various partners at university and the city.
  5. Decreased the student health and dental plan fee yet increased the coverage. For example Vision coverage which was $80/student before is now $200/student.
  6. Renovations of the outpost. Carried out in 3 stages, last stage of replacing lights to be completed this summer.
  7. Tax Free food at the outpost during exam period. Extended study operational hours during exam period.
  8. Created more student jobs than ever before on both campuses.
  9. Not a single funding request rejected during my period as VP Finance. Student groups received money whenever they applied for funding, for example the pilot bus project.

Ongoing Projects to be completed by April:

  1. Renovations of the study coffee house taking place this summer.
  2. Working with VP Orillia and University on a new building for student services in Orillia.
  3. Working with Law students to come up with a viable food option in the law building.
  4. Working on The President’s Equity Diversity and Inclusion task force to create a more inclusive and diverse campus for all.
  5. Working with university to increase WiFi in various buildings, this summer Ryan building will have WiFi.

If elected I hope to achieve the following.

  1. Increase the minimum wage to $15 for students who are employed by the Union.
  2. Increase LUSU Club funding so clubs can host more events across both campuses.


2. Robert Strachan

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Having graduated from the Orillia campus with a degree in interdisciplinary studies, I know the challenges Orillia students face. And being a 2ndyear nursing student, I know Lakehead Thunder Bay has its own issues.

Why do you want to be involved in student politics?

LUSU needs to be more receptive to what students want. As the Food Bank Coordinator, I worked within a tight budget so students had food when they needed it most, and if I’m elected, I’ll have the resources I need to ensure no student goes without food at Lakehead.

But I want to be the VP Finance so that I can ensure that LU students get the services and supports that they want, not just the ones that they need.

What are three main things you hope to accomplish if elected? 

I’ll work to get students a refund from the 20018-2019 school year, and ensure that all non-essential fees are optional, so students can decide what they want to support.

I’ll work to get international students a discount on their tuition of at least 10%. The government is discounting domestic tuition by 10%, so Lakehead should do the same for international students.

Student unions can’t keep forcing students to cough up hundreds of dollars a year to fund their projects, we need to adapt quickly to get funding from outside sources. We need better equipment and software for engineering and science students, and computers that actually work in the library. And don’t get me started on parking!

Whatever’s important to students is important to me, because I’ll be working exclusively for you.


All candidates were asked the same three questions. Photos, candidate profiles and responses and were provided to The Argus by the candidates via Chief Returning Officer, Scott Klassens. They appear in the order they were sent and have not been edited.