2019 LUSU Election: Candidates for VP Advocacy

1. Josh Pogue

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
My name is Josh Pogue and I’m a 4th year Political science pre-law student working towards my minor in psychology. Throughout my time at lakehead I have acted as the assistant manager at The Outpost, The public relations executive for the Lakehead University Political Science Association, and am currently serving as a LUSU board member for the Thunder Bay campus.
Why do you want to be involved in student politics?
I want to involve myself further in student politics as I feel that it is the best way to both engage students and to ensure that students are getting the highest quality of services and opportunities to improve their lives here on campus. I believe that university is not simply a space for lectures and seminars but is also a place for students to grow and develop beyond the classroom.
What are three main things you hope to accomplish if elected? 
some of the things that I hope to accomplish if confirmed as the VP advocacy I want to work to ensure that food security on campus is something that is no longer an issue. Students should never have to choose between education and ensuring they do not go hungry. I want to also work to ensure that students are kept safe on campus in all LUSU spaces and feel welcome in all spaces on campus. Finally I also want to work to strengthen connections between both the Thunder Bay and the Orillia campuses to ensure that students in Orillia aren’t being left behind.
All candidates were asked the same three questions. Photos, candidate profiles and responses and were provided to The Argus by the candidates via Chief Returning Officer, Scott Klassens. They appear in the order they were sent and have not been edited.