2019 LUSU Election: Candidates for Board of Directors (Orillia)

1. Fatima Ahmed

The Argus has not received a response to the provided questions from Fatima Ahmed. Her candidate profile has been published instead.

I’m running on two primary platform principles: increased awareness of and supports for mental health, and emphasis on substance-free recreational activities and avenues. Through both of these platform principles, I hope to assist the university as we collaboratively work hard to setup students for life-long success.

My first degree is a B.A in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Waterloo. Prior to entering the Bachelors of Education degree program at Lakehead University-Orillia, I had also accumulated half a decade’s worth of work experience in the fields of non-profit management and international development. Due to my engagement in these fields, I have been trained in the anti-oppression lens. I have prior experience living, working or studying in Sweden, Pakistan, Vanuatu (Southern Pacific), Botswana (Southern Africa), Inuvik (Canadian Arctic) and the U.S.A, thus I’m bringing a wealth of inter-cultural experience to the table.

2. Paula Clark 

The Argus has not received a response to the provided questions from Paula Clark. Her candidate profile has been published instead.

Hi, y’all! My name is Paula Clark and I am re-running for the Orillia Board of Directors. If re-elected, I will be working closely with elected executives and staff to ensure that students know what is going on with their student union. I will be advocating for all campuses, not just my own, as I believe that it is important for students to feel that their voices are being heard no matter where they are. The students have a right to know where the fees they’re paying are going, and I believe I can help be a voice for our students.


All candidates were asked the same three questions. Photos, candidate profiles and responses and were provided to The Argus by the candidates via Chief Returning Officer, Scott Klassens. They appear in the order they were sent and have not been edited.