Lakehead Participates in Departmental Food Drive

University departments collect more than 2,000 items for Food Bank

By Amy Kopp, Food Bank Coordinator

Congratulations to all the departments that participated in this year’s departmental food drive challenge!

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From February 18th to March 1st, the various departments of Lakehead University collected donations to support the Food Bank. These donations help to provide emergency food relief to the many students who use the Food Bank each month. This year, we are excited to announce that 30 departments participated, collecting a total of  2,241 items. The top five contributing departments were:

  1. Student Central and Enrolment Services (701 items)
  2. Printing and Mailing Services (204 items)
  3. Aboriginal Initiatives and Library (tied with 153 items)
  4. Nursing (135 items)
  5. Student Accessibility Services (133 items)

We would also like to highlight the contribution of the smaller departments, who despite having fewer members, still contributed many items to the Food Bank. Thank you to all the departments who contributed as well as the Food Bank volunteers and members of the Lakehead Community Council who helped make this event a success in 2019.