Tutoring Opportunities at Lakehead Orillia

A look inside the Academic Support Zone

By: Zoe Dhillon, Orillia Bureau Chief

With final essay and exam season rapidly approaching, many students have expressed feeling overwhelmed and stressed because of current workloads. Thankfully, Lakehead Orillia offers multiple forms of free tutoring. Tutoring services, which occur in the Academic Support Zone in the Residence Building, are available for classes such as Geology, Environmental Sustainability, Geography, Business, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, and Plant Biology. For essays, specifically, the Zone also offers writing support through the Writing Coach (me!)

Lakehead Orillia’s tutors are phenomenal sources of assistance. This year’s tutors, Sean Visser, Brooke Forward, Sacha White, and Rachel Tilson, were selected for their roles because of high academic standing and professor support. They utilize their extensive knowledge and experience within their respective fields to provide the highest quality of coursework assistance available.

Sarena Favaro, Lakehead Orillia’s Student Success Advisor, acknowledges that the tutors can help students to improve their grades and establish an enhanced understanding of their fields. She also claims that “Tutoring allows students to approach concepts in multiple ways which is consistent with memory research that suggests approaching a topic or concept from various angles aids in memory retention.” Accessing tutoring resources can also help students resolve issues such as procrastinating, feeling overwhelmed, and experiencing confusion with course requirements, material, and professor expectations. Favaro also acknowledges that “the act of going to a tutoring or Writing Coach session builds self-esteem and destroys the stigma that can sometimes surround seeking help.”

All of Lakehead Orillia’s tutoring services are available on a drop-in basis with no appointment required. However, if you are interested in meeting with the Writing Coach, appointments are required and must be booked through MySuccess. The schedule for all tutors and writing supports are available on posters distributed around campus, on the digital screens, on the SSC website, and on MySuccess’ events calendar.