Athletes of the Month

Recognizing Lakehead’s achievements in wrestling

By Derek Patterson, Sports & Recreation Editor

Marco Palermo

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Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Palermo has had great success here at Lakehead, being one of the top wrestlers we have ever produced.  He has consistently shown, year after year, that he is one of Lakehead’s top athletes and the 2019-2020 season has proven to be no different. In the past few weeks, Palermo won gold at both the OUA and USports Championships in the 61 kg weight class. He says, “I am beyond thrilled about my performance this past month at the OUA and USports Championships. I was mentally and physically prepared to perform at my best. I am excited to get right back into training for the upcoming senior nationals later this month in hopes to make another worlds team.”

Megan Smith

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One of the greatest comeback stories of the year featured Lakehead athlete Megan Smith’s performance at the USports Championships. From Smith Falls, Ontario, she placed 5th at the OUA Championships. Only two weeks later, brought in as a wildcard in the new bracket system, she wrestled for the bronze medal in the 48 kg weight class at the USports Championships. Smith beat three wrestlers who placed ahead of her at the OUA Championships, including the silver medalist. Coach Francis Clayton was very happy with his athletes’ performances, noting: “Everyone wrestled well, leading to good team finishes […] A lot of things came together.”