The nature of Snowblink

Jill Crockford

(Media photo)

Snowblink: a white luminosity on the underside of clouds, caused by the reflection of light from a snowy surface. It is a name fitting for a duo that seems to reflect the beauty and simplicity of nature through their lyrics.

Originally from California, the duo consisting of Daniela Gesundheit and husband Dan Goldman has since relocated to Toronto. The change in landscape resonates in their music, as there is a notable shift from an earthy and organic warm-weathered band to one that is increasingly creating sounds that reflect a city-alert vibe.

“We are using more synthesized sounds in the band since the move, perhaps in part because of the more urban environment,” Gesundheit says. “The midi patch that we use most is called ‘Calm Beach,’ though, so that kind of puts nature back into the mix.”

No matter how much the flat urban setting of Toronto may seep into their music, nature imagery remains prominent in their melodies. Gesundheit continues to exude nature, evident as she proudly strums her guitar adorned with deer antlers.

“I am trying to encourage a deep and thoughtful listening to music, of course, but to all sounds and beings in our environment,” Gesundheit said.

And Snowblink does just that. As soothing vocals fill the air, you can almost hear the ebb and flow of the ocean tides, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, and smell the sweet aroma of cedar trees.

“Wild environments are essential to my understanding of the world. When I am in cities for too long, I start to lose my ability to solve problems and to communicate in ways that are satisfying. After even a short time in a wild environment, I come away with orderly, inspired thoughts and calm buoyant feelings. I bring the imagery from nature into my songs as a sort of homage to what I gain from being in its presence.”

Snowblink’s debut album, Long Live, is an eclectic mix of 15 nature-infused songs. While the album is firmly grounded in the popular folk genre, evidence of gospel, indie pop, and country are also interwoven throughout.

Gesundheit describes her musical style as “Dolly Parton meets Enya” and “experimental folk.” Musical artists such as Timber Timbre, Brian Eno, The Lim Family, Owen Pallett, and Lole Y Manuel serve as her inspiration.

Snowblink is set to play at Apollo in Thunder Bay on November 11at 9pm. An open book, Snowblink is known for inviting a sea of other performers to add embellishments to their whimsical tracks as they travel from city to city. With soft melodies reminiscent of lullabies, and Gesundheit’s angelic soprano vocals, Snowblink’s performance demands an intimate listen.