Craig Cardiff – Love is Louder (Than All This Noise)

By Taylor Price

Notable Canadian musician, Craig Cardiff released his double album Love is Louder (Than All This Noise) back in November 2013. The album was completed with the help of crowds from all over. Cardiff had a largely successful crowd-funding campaign, which helped turn the album from an idea into something physical. The songs were also crowd-inspired. During his shows, Cardiff would pass around his “Book of Truths” so that members of the crowd could write one of their truths. People attending his shows where asked to write things such as “best memory, worst regret, unshared secrets, petty lies, first kiss … and anything else, which, when shared, makes you feel a little lighter and stand a little straighter.” When Cardiff read these anonymous entries he felt compelled to try and find some of the people to tell them that everything was going to be okay and to hold on a little longer. Unfortunately, he couldn’t approach these writers directly, so instead, Cardiff reached out to his fans through his music. That is the story behind his new album.

The record consists of two discs; one titled Louder!, the second titled Gentler! While the second disc is a more relaxing, the first disc is more driving and energetic. The first is (obviously) louder than the second; it consists of instruments such as acoustic/electric guitars, electric bass, drum kit, piano, organ, and accordion. The songs are folk-rock with a tinge of classic country. The second disc has some overlap with the first; a few songs are repeated, but they involve different instruments, players, and feelings. This overlap gives the album an extra richness, increased replay value, and allows a listener to hear the songs being approached in different ways.

Overall, this album is heart-warming, fun, energetic, and thoughtful. Anyone enjoying previous music by Cardiff is sure to love it, and the record should be recommended to anyone who enjoys folk music. The tracks on the record are catchy and it’s easy to sing along; especially since you’ll know the words to most of the second disc by the time you’re through the first one! There is nearly an hour and a half of music on this album; it is definitely a recommended companion for all of you who will be road tripping (or hitch-hiking a ride *wink-wink*) from Thunder Bay.  During these stressful final weeks, remember Cardiff’s consolation: “All’s well that ends well / so if all is not well then it’s not the end.”