Pop Cultureshock

Complete lunacy

By Bryan Brown


Nearly a decade ago, a particular author published several books between 2005-2008. These books focused on the teenage dramas of a girl caught up in a feud between two cultural mainstays, vampires and werewolves. These books sparked the world’s collective imagination and subsequently set fire to the engines of internet memetics. Though doubtless hundreds of memes came from this firing, one particular fad still crops up regularly on social sites: Quizzes. “What Team Are You On?”, “What’s Your Vampire Power?” and “What Character ARE You?” are all still popular and clogging newsfeeds like excess fat in overweight arteries (apologies, still bitter about evil candies). From these masses of quizzes came a simple name generator: “What’s Your Werewolf Name?” From this seemingly innocuous little generator of 2013, the meme “Moon Moon” was born.

The generator itself was simple enough: taking the first letter of your first name, you would get a generic, “cool sounding” first name (some notable clichés include “White,” “Savage,” “Graceful,” and “Alpha”). Taking the last letter of your last name gave you your second lupine moniker (“Hunter,” “Storm,” even “Wolf”… creative). A Tumblr user by the alias Kichiki was lucky enough to get the were-name “Moon Moon,” to which he posted, “My name is frickin’ Moon Moon!” with obvious ire (I can’t blame him though, my name was “Lone Wolf”; my girlfriend’s “Red White”… great).

From there the meme “Moon Moon” took off. “Moon Moon” became a character in his own right over night, becoming a symbol of idiocy across the internet. For every noble, fierce, and terror striking wolf picture to be found online, there is a picture of a wolf licking a rock, or laying on his back grinning like a moron, or a group of wolves watching as one slips un-majestically on the ice crashing into his pack-mates. Such images are captioned, in classic internet style Arial Bold, with phrases like “Goddammit, who brought Moon Moon along?” or “Hai guys, I wanna go ice-skating.”

Of course, the internet being the internet, simple images didn’t stop there. There’s been “Moon Moon” jerseys for sale, plushy characters, countless works of fan-art created in honour of “Moon Moon,” and even several blogs (my personal favourite is hands-down Moon Moon’s Blog Blog). The MMO World of Warcraft even went so far as to create a small, non-combat “pet” that would be summoned and follow a player’s avatar across all of Azeroth (try bringing THAT to a endgame raid, I dare you).

While never reaching the hyper-popularity of other dog meme such as Doge or Advice Dog, “Moon Moon” can still be found cropping up from time to time across the internet. Whenever a quiz or site has a list with a word listed twice, there’s a solid chance “Moon Moon” will come up. He’s even sparked the mockery of other well-known characters, such as Tolkien’s Legolas Greenleaf from Lord of the Rings (turns out Legolas means “Greenleaf” in Elvish… so suck on that, Orlando Bloom!).

My advice? When you see these silly quizzes pop up on your feed, maybe take a second and try it out. You might just be that strong, noble, magnificent character you wanted to be… or maybe you’ll be the one licking a rock.

Way to go, Moon Moon.