Incredible Pieces and Glowing Students

The annual Lakehead University Student Juried Exhibition has taken over the Thunder Bay Art gallery for its 2016 viewing.

By Olivia Levesque, Staff writer


The Thunder Bay Art Gallery hosted another full house this past Friday for the annual Lakehead University Student Juried Exhibition. The galleries were filled with incredible pieces, glowing students, proud professors, and spirited friends, families and observers.

The chosen pieces for the 2016 juried exhibition are colorful, thought provoking, and offer an array of different mediums. From ceramics, to acrylics and oil pieces, and mixed media, all the best have been brought out from our very own Lakehead Visual Art department. Dozens of awards are given out each year at the Gala opening and reception to the deserving students, and this year was no different. The night offers recognition for all the hard work put in by LU’s art students and chance for their work to be installed on gallery walls—a substantial step for artists especially while in the midst of receiving their degree.

juried pic 2

Department Chair, Dr. Kristy Holmes spoke at the beginning of the night and expressed sentiments of excitement and dedication for the students and the program. “I’m proud of the incredible things the students have done” she said to the bustling gallery crowd in reflection of the academic year.

As a student who frequents on the Visual Arts floor, it’s inspiring to see the progression from the unfinished pieces in the studio to works lining the Arts department’s hallways, to installed pieces on the gallery walls. This show is excellent at proving the copious amounts of talent that the LU Visual arts department has. Lydia McCormack, a LU second- year student, came to observe the art and shared with us her thoughts on the exhibition; “It’s impressive to see all the work displayed and to be exposed to what these students work on all year”.

Catching up with an Art Student:


Blake Evans, a Second year visual arts student who has multiple pieces in the Exhibition and took home the MacAllan Munro Memorial Prize in Visual Arts was admittedly a bit nervous, but ultimately excited for the evening and felt like it was the perfect wrap up for the school year. “In a way it’s like a final exam, but also a way for us to show our work to the community,” he said. Being from southern Ontario, Evans has adapted to Thunder Bay and the local art scene and describes it as being “close knit and welcoming.” He stated that the juried show is certainly something to work towards but the work they do is so much more than just homework; “It’s not like writing an essay or a paper and putting it on the fridge, instead you’re hanging it on gallery walls. It’s work that stays with you and travels with you through your career.” Although the Juried exhibition is the final big show for the year, art will continue to be created Evans said; “It’s not really a September to April thing, it’s a lifestyle.”

You don’t want to miss the talent displayed at this exhibition. Be sure to check out the Thunder Bay Art Gallery at 1080 Keewatin Street. The Lakehead University Student Juried Exhibition will be shown until April 10.