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University sucks and then you die

This year I’ve had the luxury of living as a part-time student while I work on the paper (thanks for paying for me to do so, incidentally). Having only one or two assignments at a time brings a whole new vibe to the student experience.

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It's the end of the line, Stephen

Caught between the relentless bullshit and superficiality of modern capitalist culture on the one hand, and the slowness of the real world to surrender any kind of meaning on the other, it can be difficult to form a coherent thought, let alone an editorial. Philosophy majors may take issue with my exclusion of modern capitalist culture from “reality”. I’d be interested to hear your argument, although I probably wouldn’t understand it.

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Good news for people who like bad news

It’s something of a cliché that the media covers only bad news. Many of us end up numb to an endless stream of horrifying images – of floods, famines, bombings, melting ice caps, etc. – before we are even old enough to process the information underlying them.

Stepping up to the Soapbox

What is the Argus? It’s a question I began asking myself only recently, after years of reading, and then writing for, the paper. As incoming…