Dear Students:

Have you noticed that many of the washrooms on campus, if not most of them, are a dilapidated mess?

Take the guys’ washroom in University Centre across the hall from Security, for instance. There are holes in the walls, cracks in the tiling, the door of the stall is broken, and it is usually messy and otherwise sub-par. It has been that way for many, many years.

I also noticed that one of the stalls in the second floor bathroom in the Bora Laskin building has a sign on it that says, “Closed for Repairs”. It has been that way for at least a few weeks, perhaps even longer. One of the stalls in the women’s washroom had such a sign on it a few years ago; I was told that the stall had been in disrepair for over a year. Also in the guys’ washroom is an “X” made of painter’s tape that demarcates a defunct urinal.

Here’s what I see: a whole lot of “closed” but not a lot of fixing. It is unacceptable.

While the University spends thousands of dollars on rebranding and fancy new signs on Oliver and Balmoral that were certainly not needed – and were not even installed in time for the beginning of the semester – bathrooms fall into states of disrepair and remain in states of non-repair. From my point of view, the shameful conditions of these washrooms say, “We don’t care.” That is the “optics” of the state of Lakehead washrooms.

Students, you deserve better. Demand upgrades. Demand repairs.

Gerald Walton

Associate Professor