You Are Invited

To raise your cup for CUP

By Shannon Anderson, Editor in Chief

You, (yes, you, Dear), are hereby invited to come out, meet us, and have a bitchin’ party.

Do you want to get to know your friendly, neighborhood student sort-of-journalists? Do you want to write for us? Yell at us about the typos you found? Argue about that article that you think sucked? Great! We actually love all of those things! Students are contrary at the best of times, and introverted types who like writing and drink too much tend have it worse than usual. Consider this your formal invitation to come out, have some fun, and help us out.

You may have noticed our nice splashy cover this week, or perhaps the wee ad on page eight. This December, the Argus is arranging some awesome events with the help of our business team, some community sponsors, and our own collective self-esteem issues to help bring some of our staff to the Canadian University Press conference in Toronto next semester.

On December 9th, come to Shooters (stumbling distance from student housing!) at 9 p.m! For a 5$ cover, you and all of your friends (who you should clearly bring, because, obviously) can join in a karaoke contest with a 50$ grand prize. If you don’t sing, come watch other people drunkenly croon while you relax and enjoy some snacks and beverages. If you have a heart of gold and believe in supporting student journalism, you (or a bunch of you!) can donate twenty dollars or more, and a member of our own Argus staff will enthusiastically serenade you with a pop anthem or power ballad as a rockin’ and only slightly humiliating thank you. For 50$? We’ll let you pick the song. Worth it? Absolutely.

On December 22nd, the Red Lion is allowing us to host a holiday open mic night. For a cover of again, a low and awesome 5$, come out, enjoy some excellent food and brews, and watch some of Thunder Bay’s talent show their stuff. Interested in performing? Fantastic! Contact Alex Vaillant at, and he’ll let you know what’s what. Wear your most truly hideous holiday sweater for the possibility of a special prize.

If you are a fabulous community member, business owner, or other friend of the Argus, LUSU, student journalism, or Lakehead University who wants to know how you can help, get in touch with us at! It would be absolutely dynamite to bring our crew to CUP this year and learn so many things that we can bring back to our paper, students, and future years here.

Good luck with all exams, final assignments, and other end-of-semester wretchedness… Then proceed to party. We look forward to meeting you all!

Cheers, Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays, Hanukkah Sameach, Merry Christmas, and Blessed Be this Yuletide to you all. May friends, family, food, and fun define your December celebrations, and  the Argus will resume in the New Year!