Farewell to my favourite half of a decade

Temporarily emerging from the shadows

It’s  11p.m. on a Sunday night, and I’m sitting here at the office watching hilarious videos that last year’s staff had made. I have spent the weekend trying to organize the file system so that incoming cohorts will have an easier time finding things once I’m not at arm’s reach.  All this time, I was wondering what I should say as my final message as a member/employee of The Argus and watching these videos made things very clear.

I love this paper. I love the moments that the staff and I have shared. I love the friends and the experiences that The Argus has allowed for me to make.  Having a team of talented students working together in a creative mission such as this has been nothing short of magic.

Thus, I would like to thank LUSU for investing into The Argus, so students, like myself and like the many amazing folks I have met here, can gain valuable, meaningful skills. It’s one of the best ways that the student union gives back to students:  by providing useful, CV decorating experiences that will help students for the rest of their lives.  It makes me think of a powerful proverb: “give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

Opportunities like working for the paper are incredibly important, and I hope that financing for organizations such as this – that fuel creativity, passion, and experience is funded to flourish. It is my hope and passion that more and more students, especially young talented people thirsty for a challenging and fun work environment can have ample opportunity to do that in a setting like The Argus.

After spending approximately five years at the paper, and having taught many staff members and having helped guide and create a variety of initiatives, I am very proud of what we’ve been able to achieve. I think we are in a competitive position in content, advertising, appearance, and social media and that is a gigantic accomplishment for a student newspaper.  Great work to all the staff this year!

Personally,  I think I have done a majority of what I set out to do here as well :  we have a clean, easily updated/functional site, we have started the online advertising feature, there are manuals along with a big EIC book for easy reference, some great new creative deals available with our business & ads department, new and revamped social media accounts to include daily (approximately) updates, there is a content strategy ready to use if future editors enjoy the quirky local ideas we came up with, and engaging social media campaigns which are all firsts for The Argus. We have also enjoyed some slick covers that have helped to decorate Thunder Bay ( you’re all welcome).

In conclusion,  while some moments have been gut-wrenchingly stressful,  others have been intensely heartwarming and hilarious. All those all-nighters have been worth it.  It’s been an absolute blast. I hope that everyone who gets to participate with The Argus can experience the fun, energetic, comfortable, and loving place this can be.

An extra special shout out to my whole team from 2014/2015 ;). Love, love, love, love, love, you all to the moon and back.  Also a special mention to Leah Ching, who has done an absolutely wonderful job this year and I have all the confidence in the world will make one of the best LUSU presidents this school has ever seen. Go Leah!

By: Ellen Stevens

Argus Enthusiast