1/3 of students alcoholics: U of Guelph study finds that the average student began drinking at the age of 15 and spends upwards of $15 per month on alcohol. They even drank more than students at the University of Texas!
“Where are they in 20 years?” According to the Argus’ predictions, former staffer Graham Strong is writing greeting cards for hallmark, Chris Mills is playing Santa Claus at Keskus mall, and Jeff Lafountaine is convicted as an FLQ terrorist.
The Board of Directors slashed the 1989-90 clubs budget from $28, 000 to $3,000, meaning clubs received $120 rather that “a couple of thousand” as they had previously. In a ringing endorsement of school spirit, clubs now receive $100 a year.
President Fred Gilbert “questioned the mental toughness of Lakehead’s varsity teams” at the annual athletic banquet. The Argus retorted with the “losing record” of LU and its “coach” Gilbert in national university rankings.